Breath of the Wild: No chance?Nintendo held a head-on meeting

2022-05-04 0 By

At 6 am on February 10, Nintendo held a new 40-minute face to face session.Nintendo’s head-to-head event focused on Switch games coming in the first half of 2022.Among them, “Fire Emblem: Romance, Flower, Snow and Moon” will be released on June 24;Splat Dun 3 announced a new promo for PVE mode, which will be available in summer 2022;A new trailer for Star Of Kirby: Discovery has arrived, showing kirby can swallow an entire car, and the game is coming to Switch on March 25th;No Man’s Sky is also coming to NS in summer 2022;Xenoblade Chronicles 3 was also officially announced and is expected to launch on Switch in September.It should be noted that the most anticipated game, Breath of the Wild 2, didn’t make an appearance at the event.It’s worth noting that the Nintendo Switch sold 103 million units as of January 2022, and if the Switch keeps growing at that rate, it’s expected to surpass the PS4 this year.Breaking it down, Nintendo Switch sold 34.67 million units in the US, 27.22 million units in Europe and 23.43 million units in Japan.Nintendo is likely to launch the Switch Pro this year with 4K output, a better screen and more powerful hardware.