Heavy snow hit the city Lujiang youth commandos in action

2022-05-04 0 By

Ann QingWang – February 7, snow quietly, and bring the residents travel security hidden danger, to protect road unobstructed, clearing as soon as possible to ensure that the masses travel security, regiment LuJiang county quickly called for youth volunteers, young team, with snow as the order, the initiative as, into primary and secondary trunk road, streets shovel the snow ice cover open.Regiment LuJiang the county to county youth league and volunteer initiative, to give full play to their strengths, guide the members of the youth, youth members, young volunteers and enthusiastic and loving people from all walks of life to actively play a demonstration role in driving, into the snow de-icing volunteer activity, hope everyone in the shovel the snow de-icing work to create advanced,Become a bridgehead;To strictly guard the post, to be the “vanguard”;Volunteer to contribute, as a “new force”.The snow did not stop, the units of the youth commandos grab time, without stopping to carry out deicing work;Lujiang Power supply company youth commandos, actively participate in emergency work, to ensure power supply;County urban management bureau organization vehicles and personnel to clean up the branches and the road snow clear, fight each system in the line of young people under the guidance of youth league organizations at all levels, with high morale and solid actions adherence to jobs, charge before, and the snow is the county system member youth based on jobs, full participation in a miniature invasion of shoveling snow.Under the leadership of the league organizations at all levels in the county, the majority of youth league members joined the youth commandos as volunteers, holding brooms, shovels and other tools in the local snow section to break the ice, shovel snow, clean up the road.In the process of clearing snow, we felt happy, established friendship, and practiced the volunteer spirit of “dedication, friendship, mutual assistance and progress”. The majority of league members and young people served with their own smile and sincere dedication, and wrote a beautiful landscape in this snow-covered qianchuan land.Reporter: Ding Yadong Correspondent: Zhang Yu