It’s totally broken!It bucked the trend, rising 5.36 per cent

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In the blink of an eye, the stock market became a world of low valuations, high valuations generally cut in half, and then fell endlessly.Let’s talk more about yesterday’s infrastructure.This round of the economy is likely to improve, the branch plate has hope to repair the valuation.In terms of capital, the current infrastructure REITs policy is constantly improved, and it is expected to continue to expand and provide incremental capital in the future.There are many operational assets, such as China State Construction Engineering Corporation, China Communications Construction Corporation, China Power Construction Corporation and other Chinese enterprises.Good march – April, peak season infrastructure construction and construction machinery sales exceed expectations.Pay attention to Sany heavy Industry and Hengli Hydraulic.The biggest focus of the session was an updated “Unverified List” issued by the Us Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security.The addition of 33 Chinese units, including CDMO, has increased the uncertainty of business and transaction costs.Hong Kong shares yao Ming biological once fell 30%+, A shares Yao Ming Kant limit, another limit, the high cut.The two are the same boss.In 2021, The net increase of The parent company was 98%+, exceeding expectations, and the performance of Pharmatech was not bad either.Fall so miserably, can not help but remind people, the new public fundraising sister, “goddess of medicine” European medical health fund manager Grenn.At the end of the fourth quarter, wuxi Was still its largest holding.In addition, Sister LAN ten heavy positions 6 CRO.No problem!Pharmaceutical bear market, the two are also to keep up with the big forces, for the early rise in repayment, typical valuation market.Pharmastone Technology, Medi, Pharmaron, Tiger Medicine and other LEADING CRO concept stocks have been cut in half.Aier ophthalmology, Tongce Medical care, Opcom, Changchun High-tech, Hengrui Medical care, Mindrui Medical care, Huaxi biological, Aimeike, etc., fell really desperate, panic under the systemic risk.News is not the main cause of the decline, but the catalyst.The trend has been established, find a reason to continue it.Sudden bad weather, you do not copy the bottom.But the pharmaceutical industry is suffering in the short term, and it is still worth paying attention to in the long term.Valuation is not always effective, but it is always the anchor of stock prices.In recent months, medicine continued to fall, which began to underestimate from a reasonable range, is expected to impact the depth of the underestimate.A shares, up can go too far, down can also fall too far.Old hands are used to it and need not be alarmed.Gem directly hit more than 4%, closed down 2.45%.Watch out for bears.It has fallen more than 20% since its high on November 29, 2021, and has entered technical bear market territory.Ningde era, down nearly 9%, it was the turn of the big guy did not fall too much.Closed down 6.66%, really 666.A shares really god Guizhou Maotai, big below 1700, double kill.As the saying goes, Maotai Ningde walk together, who rises first who is the dog.Fruit chain leader — Lixun Precision, photovoltaic module leader – JA Technology, also fell limit, keep up, keep up, we are together.Big brothers are on the move, selling is drying up and the bottom is beginning.It is estimated that the above is also quickly put positive, interest rate cuts may accelerate the arrival of RRR.The stock market is really difficult this year, investors are hurt very much, everyone’s money is not easy, I hope the market can recover as soon as possible.In the end, it will be the old economy that saves the market.Market bottom pick up, Shanghai stock market strong red.China mobile, industrial and commercial bank, construction bank, have big capital obviously in pull.Like petrochina yesterday.This is the obvious rescue market action!Wolf brother account, under the care, today rare continue to receive red.Shaanxi Coal, the best performer, bucked the trend and surged 5.36 per cent to a recent high.Combined with external momentum, can see the high line.Operation, the plan is above 14 yuan, choose the machine to stop surplus.At present, floating surplus exceeds 10%, leaving a profit of three points.Will you give me a chance tomorrow?