Personality or uniformity? Buick Envision S vs. Honda CR-V

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In recent years, SUV Coupe style is becoming more and more popular, which actually reflects the increasing demand for personalized consumers, but objectively speaking, there are only a few SUVs that can give a good account of sliding back modeling and internal space, which is difficult to satisfy picky consumers.Of course, there are some models that do well, such as Buick’s newly launched Encoway S. It has made a good choice between rear space and slip back modeling. It gives consideration to practicality and personality, and makes more and more consumers inclined to buy it.The traditional Honda CR-V of 200,000 levels, with good user reputation, is also loved by many users.So, is it better to buy a more personalized Envision S?Or do you buy the Honda CR-V with the “bottom line option”?Let’s have a direct talk about our two rivals and see who wins.To make the comparison more realistic, I’ve picked the most popular versions from each camp.In terms of price, considering that there is a certain discount for envision S market terminal at present, the final transaction price of the two models will not be much different.In terms of headlights, Envision S and CR-V have the same configuration, which are equipped with LED headlights, LED daytime running lights and adaptive near-far lights. However, envision S is superior in terms of the modeling of LED daytime running lights.Unlike other coupe SUVs, the Envision S does not have a wide back slip, which is designed to make room for the rear as much as possible.Although it is a coupe SUV, the “body shape” of the Enkoway S is still one lap larger than the CR-V, and it is better than the CR-V in other aspects except for the sacrifice of the body height due to the care of the sliding back.Of course, this does not determine the size of the internal seating space of the two cars, how is the specific space performance?Let’s move on.In terms of appearance, the biggest advantage of Encoway S compared with CR-V lies in its sliding back style, which can undoubtedly get higher head-turning rate when opened. However, CR-V pays attention to details, such as the wheel rims and taillight group are smoked black, so as to meet the personalized needs of users.Honda CR-V adopts the traditional “T” shape layout on the interior, which is not very bright in terms of design. At the same time, from the fashion version, the interior of THE CR-V will be upgraded to leather seats and leather steering wheel, while the following models are plastic steering wheel and fabric seat, and the interior materials are not high-end enough.The lack of sense of technology is also an obvious shortcoming of CR-V.Envision S is equipped with a standard 10-inch large screen, the vehicle and machine system will not shrink due to the high and low matching, and the whole system supports Apple wireless CarPlay and Baidu CarLife. In contrast, cr-V with low matching model, the size of the center control screen will be reduced to 5 inches, and even basic functions such as navigation will be emasculated.Match model, though not high, but Leon coldwell S on the interior trim materials to still is very honest, and if the user wants to more sports atmosphere of the cockpit, Leon coldwell S also supports options Alcantara fur material, at the same time from the beginning of the GS version, Leon coldwell’s interior will change into a more fighting the red stitching of feeling, and can be seen everywhere “GS” logo.Although not as big as the Envision S, the CR-V’s interior space is actually very spacious. Whether it is front and rear head room or leg room, the CR-V ensures the most basic requirements of the user’s ride space.Can see from the table, the front row of conventional storage space the coldwell S basically to give to, at the same time, coldwell S | | inquiry pictures (parameters) in the block below also is equipped with additional storage area alone, users put some personal items here is very appropriate.Cr-v storage space is also very rich, the front and back of the central armrest box are set up to put mobile phones such fragmentary items, while the door plate inside the card slot, the details of the care is more thoughtful.In terms of driving, Envision S and CR-V can be regarded as two models with completely opposite personalities. Envision S’s dynamic performance is more sensitive and calm. Even if the vehicle weighs more than 1.7 tons, the whole vehicle can drive fast but not stupid, and it is easy to start or accelerate in the middle and rear stages.The CR-V’s Earth dream engine has been radically tuned, but the CVT gearbox is unable to withstand higher torque, and the vehicle will struggle to accelerate in the middle and rear sections, as demonstrated by its 9.4-second 100km acceleration time, which is lower than the Envision S’s 7.7 seconds.Finally, we compare the configuration of the two cars.It can be concluded from the table that the advantage of Envision S is equipped with more comfortable configurations, such as keyless entry, multi-layer soundproof glass and seat heating, etc. Meanwhile, the vehicle-machine system is also more powerful.The advantage of the CR-V is that it is equipped with a relatively complete auxiliary driving function. Of course, if you have a higher demand for auxiliary safety configuration, the premium model of envision S can also be provided to consumers.Editorial comment: comprehensive full text, can be found, compared coldwell S cr-v is a more comprehensive model, on the premise of guarantee the space, its appearance, configuration, and the power to have take the window, the modelling of sneaking back, to meet the demand of differentiation consumers, at the same time in the allocation of science and technology, driving experience, etc., enclave cr-v is obviously better than the S too;On the other hand, CR-V is a relatively balanced product with good space, sufficient power for daily use and good smoothness. However, cr-V cannot provide higher level car enjoyment.Therefore, combined with the current market discount range of the two cars, the author believes that Envision S will be a better choice.