Can eat sesame enhance bone density?Doctor: Three kinds of food can nourish bones, eat more properly

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Modern people pay more attention to health care, ensure food before food, first pay attention to taste, secondly pay attention to nutrition.From the perspective of nutrition analysis, the real diet is healthy, pay attention to a balanced diet, nutrition collocation, rather than a certain kind of food, health can be random intake.Speaking of health food, sesame naturally has good taste on the one hand and tastes sweet when eaten in the mouth; on the other hand, sesame has strong nutritional value and medicinal value, which is highly respected in the field of Traditional Chinese medicine.Recently, some people on the Internet said that eating sesame can effectively strengthen bones and enhance bone density. Is there any relevant basis for this statement?
Can eat sesame enhance bone density?Although sesame is small, it is rich in nutrients, such as vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin A, plant protein, plant hormones, trace elements, minerals, amino acids and so on.Female friends endocrine disorders can properly supplement black sesame, help balance hormone secretion, promote metabolism and stable internal circulation, remove free radicals care for health.Especially with white hair problem troubled friends, life can be appropriately supplemented black sesame can accelerate melanin deposition, focusing on hair follicle sebum improvement, increase in white hair, maintenance of hair root.Relevant studies have confirmed that the nutrients contained in free trade can be converted into calcium, which is not a whole nutrition supplement. However, sesame is not suitable for people with osteoporosis.Because sesame contains high content of phosphorus trace elements, entering the body inhibits the absorption and forwarding of calcium, which is not conducive to bone growth and aggravates osteoporosis.Therefore, black sesame can be appropriately supplemented with calcium in life, but it is not recommended to take in large quantities for a long time.And for the elderly with osteoporosis, it is more important to stay away.Doctor: three kinds of food can keep bone, appropriate eat more than 1, fish fish contains abundant nutritional value and at the same time provide promote the secretion of bone density for human growth and development of trace elements, it is a very good choice for the elderly osteoporosis, at the same time the fish is rich in calcium, vitamin D to help absorb into bone mineral density, improve bone health, prevent joint problems.He/she is a category of freshwater shrimp. The meat is delicious and tastes sweet. He/she is very popular with people of all ages, but he/she is also very popular for calcium.The 100g river shrimp contains 293 mg of calcium, which can meet the human body’s demand for calcium ion absorption. Therefore, middle-aged and elderly people can eat some boiled river shrimp properly, which is nutritious and healthy, and can effectively prevent mass loss of bone and joint problems such as osteoporosis.3, milk milk called white blood is rich in a lot of nutrients, high-quality protein calcium, and its nutritional conversion rate is high, drinking 300 milliliters of milk every day, the human body can add 150 milligrams of calcium accounts for about 1/3 of the demand.At the same time, milk is rich in lactose, lactic acid, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, which can accelerate the transformation of trace substances, absorption and supply to various parts of the body organs.Therefore, calcium elements can be added through drinking milk in life, and the amount of drinking is controlled at about 300 milliliters per ton, which is not easy to transform metabolism and increase gastrointestinal burden.Exercise As the saying goes, life is all about exercise. Exercise is one of the most cost-effective forms of health care. It regulates the endocrine system, which helps the body absorb calcium and convert vitamins.Studies have shown that people who exercise for more than 30 minutes a day have a 49.9 percent lower risk of osteoporosis, osteogenic hyperplasia, and bone spurs.In particular, moderate and low intensity aerobic, mountain climbing, jogging, walking, swimming, cycling, can strengthen the tolerance of skeletal muscle, new bone molecules and cells to improve bone density, so to prevent osteoarthritis is the most important exercise.Quitting smoking, drinking, smoking and alcohol will harm the human organs, blood vessels health, will lead to bone prone to joint disease.Therefore, people who smoke and drink can effectively prevent bone loss of calcium and reduce the risk of related diseases. It can also protect the respiratory system and accelerate the metabolism and detoxification of liver.When the body is exposed to a blocking line, it creates an internal reaction that produces active vitamin D and accelerates calcium absorption, so you can get some sun every day.Bask also have skill, 10 minutes or so best.Choose between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m.At this time, the sun’s light intensity is weak, and it can be well absorbed and transformed by the human body, acting on calcium.In summary, to strengthen the maintenance of bone health, we should not only rely on sesame seeds, but also from the perspective of tonic food, eat more calcium, food matching, appropriate exercise, ensure adequate sleep, good attitude, healthy habits, and start from various aspects to maintain bone and joints.Do you have any different views or ideas on this?Welcome to leave a message, thanks for reading, leave a concern before you go!Guide to Summer Regimen