Fuzhou: A quarter of an hour convenient life circle let you “close” to enjoy convenience

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Source: Fuzhou Evening News Author: Jianghai Ziyang community to carry out the “painting paper lamp” theme activity.”Food, clothing, housing, transportation, culture and entertainment are all available outside your home. It’s so convenient!”February 8, living in Fuzhou Ziyang community Ms Zheng told reporters.In May last year, the Ministry of Commerce and 12 other departments jointly issued the Opinions on Promoting the Construction of A Quarter Hour Convenient Living Circle in Cities, proposing to build multi-business cluster community business circles that can meet the basic consumption and quality consumption of daily life within a 15-minute walk of residents.As the first batch of cities in the pilot city of a quarter of an hour convenient life circle, How fuzhou to create a quarter of an hour convenient life circle, further enrich the people’s life?Reporters recently conducted a visit.”Come, come, please have a piece of rice cake.”8 afternoon, the reporter came to Mawei Kailong community new era civilization practice station, community residents Mr. Zhang said that the rice cake is he and the community of the elderly to do together.Originally, in order to enrich the life of the residents in the district, The New Era civilization Practice Station of Kailong Community carried out the theme activity of “Spring Festival And Rice Cake Community Family Reunion” in the home care service station during the Spring Festival, so that everyone could have a beautiful and happy Spring Festival.Similarly, in the Jiangnan community, the old people’s festival also enjoyed.It is reported that the Jiangnan Community Party Committee invited teachers from Fujian Open (Internet) University for the Elderly to provide a series of mobile phone training courses for the elderly, which not only improved the students’ comprehensive skills, but also enriched their cultural life.In the convenient quarter of an hour living circle, community elderly care centers and children’s care centers have effectively met the needs of the people.Reporters learned that fuzhou pilot communities, generally as a breakthrough, so that “one old and one young” daily life, there is a practical guarantee.On the morning of February 7, binjiang community in Taijiang district, resident Tan Da Ye told reporters that the Spring Festival couplets on the door were written by two calligraphy teachers invited by the community on the eve of the Spring Festival.During the Spring Festival, fuzhou in 11 15 minutes convenient life circle construction pilot communities, meaning to write Spring Festival couplets, send green plants, paper cutting and a series of activities, are convenient services “highlight”.Aofeng Zhou community organized community volunteers to carry out Spring Festival couplets;Tangbian Community, together with fujian Provincial Audit Office, held the “Auspicious Tiger Welcomes Spring,” “Blessing” Tiger Brings Vitality “to welcome the Spring Festival;Binjiang community to carry out “convenient services into the community, righteousness to write send Spring Festival couplets” and “our festival · Spring Festival” theme activities.In addition, the community’s artistic activities are also lively.These community staff member tells a reporter, culture, recreation is recreational, it is convenient the important content of the service circle.Spring Festival cultural activities not only inherit the fine traditional culture of the Chinese nation, but also enrich the people’s spiritual and cultural life, and add New Year flavor and interest to the people’s celebration of the Spring Festival.”Daily dental visits cost a lot of money, but the community’s free clinic activities let us save money and trouble.”Spring Festival eve, in changle District Sanfeng community, resident Mr. Liu said with a smile.Staff member of 3 peak community tells a reporter, community invites hospital of health care of women and children of changle area and flower oral cavity hospital to provide convenient people free diagnose health to seek advice for resident activity, let masses be able to experience community convenient people to care for service at the door.Such a scene, reporters in jin ‘an District ziyang community, Cangshan District jinzhou community also see.Dental checkups, free blood sugar and blood pressure tests, eye exams…All kinds of services related to residents’ health are in full swing.Community staff told reporters, in addition to these on-site activities, the community also actively contact, the surrounding pension, housekeeping, custody, medical care and other services access to the mobile phone “quarter hour convenient life circle” platform.Add convenience stores, supermarkets, markets, community canteen, basic guarantee, such as Volkswagen teahouse formats, specialty restaurants, cake bakery, chess and card room, new liquor stores, tea cafes, bookstores, higher qualities such as sports gym class formats, can say, can convenient consumption community residents near the door, can meet the needs of daily life.(Reporter Jiang Haiwen/Photo)