Modern Poetry: The Road to Salvation (Long Poem)

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The Road to Salvation zhou Delong (Liaoning) I pulled out a ray of light from my eyes, which was a star salvaged by a worker, the sun, and some of the furnace forged for a long time.I use my hand, pointing to the dark night and clear sky, carrying a guqin, — playing, people should penetrate the goodness of darkness.I have visited the worker, the peasant, and the merchant with pity, but most of all my sinking heart, as if its wrinkles were ever growing madly.I always thought I was born with nothing to fear, but I found too many accidents beyond our control, such as a rope we can’t untie, such as a dream we can’t catch up with.The road of life, just like the roller coaster, is frightening and yearning, but the difference is that we need a light direction.Many of my life, like a top spinning their own days, as if there is no end, in fact, step by step close to death.I have used a ruler to measure my skin, which hides colorful longing.Cowardice, greed, selfishness, compromise and forgiveness erupt from the disordered heart.How I imagine idle clouds, free birds, or fish playing in lotus leaves.I have admired the man at the top and hated the ragged walker.In fact, they also have proud or humble souls, but they are well hidden.I believe that the human race is comparable to all other species, not only in the evolution of civilization, but also in the perception of nature.We are always tired of the boring, but never deeply appreciate the taste.All our favorite things are far away or out of reach, such as the youth we can never pick up again, even though it was very bad.All I can fight for is courage, all I can bear is the status quo that cannot be changed.How many times have I lifted my bent back?Listen to the message of the wind, the noise of the rain.How many times have I been at odds with myself, like two contrary arguments?I am ashamed, in the anchoring track dripping already empty beauty.It is also a pity that many so-called legends have been piled up to support the empty.I just want to be an undying lamp with all my fellow travelers in my limited life, maybe not shining into the distance, at least patronizing the left and right.Even in the wind and rain to do an umbrella held up by others, even if the plum blossom proudly snow, still full of stories.I would like to borrow a color to paint belong to people’s rainbow, hope that all pain can be a cure.If you can, I would like to turn into four monsoons, even if rolling bitter tears to water the foot of the soil.Even if has been in vain, also don’t live up to the star that should have, even if the moment is scattered, traceless to touch.I always explore my invisible thoughts from different perspectives, to consider me beyond recognition.Everything in the world has its own special feelings, there is worth preserving pride.Every flower, every plant and every tree has its unique life structure. It is instinct whether it is quiet or noisy.For example, our human nature, weak and suspicious, greed and ignorance, the continuation of a long time bad habits.I always want to end the wandering footsteps here, twirling a tree back to the beginning of the spring pack.Can not chase empty and false ideal, in the hometown of the village, do a flute boy, or with the sound of a shepherd’s harp to enjoy freedom.At that time, the sky must be a baby’s background color, no dust interference, no so-called unpredictable.It shall be the common rhythm of joy, rising and falling on the wheat, cheering in the woods.If a bird in love with cuckoo could fly, but always sail in its own sky.Lifting eyes is the dawn shining on the lake, low voice can also ring through the valley.The smile in the mirror is not a gift to others.To appreciate the budding in the spring breeze is like a boy’s heart beating when he falls in love with a girl.I wanted to be so simple and rude, capricious or whatever I wanted to be.However, everything is in vain, can not go back, also can not stop, the way to go still have to go.I can only walk along the thorns, even if the fall, even if the blood flow back.I want to say, if I were a candlestick, I hope to hold that glowing candle, burning with it, into nothingness together.I believe that the blisters at my feet will become calluses and can cross mountains and rivers.I believe that all the seeds sown can wait for harvest.I believe that the notes in the tune will be wonderful for those who understand him.At this point, I will embrace the world’s ridicule with an empty cup of mind.At this point, I will put aside all burdens and blow the trumpet of victory.I want to push a lake to worry, with the posture of blue lavender growth, leaning in the wind and rain, fearless cold heat.Or I stay with the identity of Chinese rose, but also the four seasons, more than fragrant.I see, I still regard with a setaria, do a neglected flower, just silently pay, perhaps inexplicable tenacity, perhaps inexplicable love.I no longer have to search for pearls I can’t pick up in the dark.Even carrying a lantern to look for it is a futile search for the moon.I just want to observe the moving and static things from an ordinary person’s perspective, can no longer be confused, can no longer be trapped in the situation.Stretch out your hand, you can have a ray of sunshine winding, bend your waist, you can smell the fragrance of the earth, in the land I love close to every inch of skin.From now on, no longer lost, no longer hesitate, no longer lick the edge of the fire.I want to be a traveler who knows himself, not in the past, not in the afterlife.For the rest of my days, I will take off my armor and travel light, fearless of swords, spears, and cold.The cocoon at the foot of the child, must be through the river’s lake, and the reflection of the fundus, must be a few sentimental I earn.Therefore, I pulled out the colorful belief from the eyes of the layers, it is a star that has been salvaged, the sun, perhaps still residual forgotten dejected.This should be the awakening of a man full of vicissitudes, like a bonfire, either extinguished or burning, transmitting its energy!I will tell myself: how others treat me, that is my cause and effect.How I treat others, that is my practice.I will plant a seed flower, starting from your miniature.This is not a single you, but countless thoughts of each of the miserable self.In the name of a monk, I send you a different message through the stars.It’s not about showing off, it’s about pushing the infinite world at you.Forward wind and rain, is surprised, is a dream, is difficult, here lists our brave and strong.There is no misery in the world, because so few people are happy.When you call yourself a lamp, the darkness will take care of you.We go from dust free to disturbance, and from disturbance to calm.We have the blood of the sea, but also have the love for gain and loss.Trees have shadows, the moon has light, we have lame heartache, elated madness.The dew is bound to her lotus leaves, we are bound to our own ugliness and goodness.Life is a mirror in which you can see others clearly but not yourself.Sometimes, raised eyes is the smile of the unborn child, sometimes, side ear is the baby cry.The sea can contain a kind of depth, mountain can explain is a kind of height.What we like is not necessarily red flowers;What we hate is not necessarily many different paths.Cloud light qingxia, high autumn sun, our life has the five soup of heather leaves.Often with plum blossom than tough, often with withered leaves than desolate.We lack a rotating perspective, the nobleness of forgetting one’s own existence.If there is no tofu, they can not board the hall of elegance.The ordinary world is not ordinary because of the world, but because of whether there is a light in our hearts.Please reach out your hand and eradicate the gray in your life, to touch a shocking power.Lift confident head, low proud eyebrows, with a humble heart to wake up should be there.Practiced in the four seasons of human warmth, forgiveness of the selfish high and low soul.With the original foolishness, for the beginning of wisdom, the tangible sword into no thoughts.We don’t want to pull other people’s shadow, we want to seal their own name.We will pick up where we fall, with our backs to the earth and our eyes to the heavens.Borrow the light of the sun and the moon, give oneself full of a smile.The so-called savior of the world he’s busy. We need to heal ourselves.We can have good faith, but not the spell of superstition.With a heart like a mirror, we must plant the fire of our own salvation.Always passing, always passing, like a lamp bordering a city.On, on, on, spreading like a spark, burning the endless wasteland.Since then, the wind wrapped in our smoke, rain carrying rain belongs to us.The clouds in the sunset sing to us, the warblers in the grass sing to us.The tree on the distant mountain bend over for us, the chrysanthemum in the tea cup drink for us to do this life cold eye.Even so, we are still true to our original purpose, we will plant seeds and flowers together.From each epitome planted, twist countless read, still redeem each of their own.Still remember – how others treat us, that is our cause and effect, we treat others, that is our practice!Note: The two long poems “Redemption” and “My Long Way” are revised and combined into one long poem on 2021/12/15.About the author: Zhou Delong, pseudonym Zangxiu Jiawen, character Lingzhan, number shiepileptic, and number Lingzhan Lay shi.Founder of Lingzhanpai Culture media, practitioner of Chinese poetry culture, member of Liaoning Writers Association, member of Chinese Poetry Society, resident celebrity of Chinese ci website, editorial board member of “Chinese New Poetry Library” and “Selected Chinese Poetry”, etc.She participated in the 18th Golden Autumn Pen Fair of Chinese Poetry and won the “Excellent Work Award” and “Best Organization Award”.He has also won many awards such as “Guan Xiang Cup” finalist Award, “Sanya Cup” Gold award, “Four seas Cup” Gold Award, “National Excellent Poetry Award of Chinese Literature” and so on.His works are scattered in dozens of well-known publications and media platforms such as “Chinese Poetry”, “Culture monthly”, “Couplet Expo”, “Legend of today and ancient times”, “Liaohe”, “Running flow”, “Ginseng flower”, “Speed reading”, “everyone”, “Yalu River”, “Selected poems”, “People’s Daily” overseas edition.Related works have been selected into a variety of authoritative anthologies, some works have been permanently included in the academic network.