Most guys don’t know the 4 hard truths about getting a girl

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A man should show interest and make an effort to get to know a woman;Of course, when you keep going after a woman who deliberately ignores you, doesn’t respond to your messages, and acts like you’re less of a crowd, is it you or is it her lack of interest?It is true that one should show desire, but when desire turns into despair, it is not a good way to behave.Here’s the thing about chasing women that most men don’t understand: Even if you succeed in getting a girl after a long, exhausting chase, you end up creating the wrong relationship dynamic for yourself.In other words, you’ll probably always be the junior partner in the relationship, begging for attention and occasionally picking up the crumbs left by your partner.Here are 4 hard truths about chasing women that most men don’t realize.You start or finish your way Perhaps the rarest case you have seen is that a man chases a woman for a long time and finally gets her;But the truth of most of these cases is that she probably didn’t fall in love with the guy because the long chase took too much out of her;Instead, she may have realized at some point that she had no better options than to use you as a springboard, a wallet, or even a fallback.Another possibility is to create a satisfying or balanced relationship for you or her.But the normal development is this: you’re supposed to be with someone who wants to be with you;If they don’t, you have to learn to drop or move on, and that’s the difference between a fool and a really nice person.A truly good person, on the other hand, knows what he wants and how he should be treated;When he realizes things aren’t going well, he’s sensitive enough and secure enough to let go.If you can’t walk away from someone who doesn’t benefit you or return your time, effort, and energy, you have no self-esteem.Of course, if you want something, you should work for it.But when it comes to people and relationships, it shouldn’t just be you doing the work, the other person has to do the work for you.You’re not seeing the reality that sometimes girls are really hard to get, and when that happens it can be annoying;But in most cases, when a girl says she doesn’t like you or doesn’t give you any indication that she does, it’s probably because she doesn’t like you.If you’ve already expressed your feelings to a girl, it’s up to her to decide what she wants to do.You’ve made your position clear, and if she tells you or implies that she doesn’t like you, you must be able to let go.Here’s the hard truth: The main reason most guys fall for a girl so quickly before they meet her is because they’ve already projected so much onto her;They already saw that she was beautiful, so they imagined that she was also smart and interesting and fun to be around.The truth is, if you really learn to see people as they are, you won’t be attracted to them as quickly;You’ll learn that no one is perfect, and sooner or later you’ll have to put up with her flaws just like everyone else you’ve ever met.A mindset like this will give you a sense of detachment and a greater sense of reality.If you’ve been chasing a girl who clearly doesn’t like you, you’re Oneitis.It means that you are so obsessed with one girl that no other girl in the world is more important to you and you end up wasting your time and a series of missed opportunities to establish a good relationship with another girl.Here’s the thing: When you’re so obsessed with a girl, you ignore the fact that she probably doesn’t like you.Sometimes movies and TV shows do romanticize the idea that a special girl is meant for you.Sometimes we end up being attracted to a girl online, even if we’ve never seen their body.But while loyalty and commitment are very important, if you only put one egg in the basket and think you have to get that special girl, you will be very needy and obsessed.And that can end up taking a toll on your self-confidence and even your mental health.Are you chasing something important?Think about how much time you spend with a girl who doesn’t give you anything in return.Now imagine refocusing your time and energy on doing things that are good for you.Yes, some girls want to be pursued, but these girls are usually insecure, they like the feeling that you want them, these are not the girls you want to go out with, they deliberately make you pursue them because it makes them feel good.Imagine the possibilities and opportunities you would open up to yourself if you used this time to focus on growing, pursuing your goals, and evolving into a better version of yourself.When you start chasing things that are important, you will become a happier, more fulfilled person.In return, this will attract the right people to you naturally.You won’t win a girl by doing too much. Doing too much won’t suddenly turn her from not liking to liking, that’s for romantic movies. In reality, doing too much will push her further.It’s true that there are some women who will make you go after them because they put up walls because of some emotional hurt from the past.But a woman like this might always be on her guard.It means that once you do anything to remind her of what happened before, you’re right back where you started.A healthy relationship comes from both men and women working together to build something amazing.When you have to give it your all from the start, you’re likely to maintain that momentum throughout the relationship.