Nanchang incident!A fire broke out in the home of an octogenarian living alone, suspected to be related to smoking

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Original source | city site without authorization shall not be reproduced at 2 o ‘clock, February 2 in nanchang railway suffering resident zone, near the road of god save the one old people who live alone at home on fire, smoke at the scene.By 2:30pm, when reporters arrived at the scene, the fire had been brought under control.The fire is a solitary old man’s home, the reporter saw that the open fire has been put out, but littered, many sundries were piled up outside, inside a scorched black.Nearby resident: What a big fire, a lot of fire came out, I live across from her upstairs, I was wondering why the smoke kept coming up outside.Reporters learned that the octogenarian has been living alone, without his children.There are different accounts from nearby residents about the cause of the fire.Nearby resident: The old man smokes, I guess it’s because he throws cigarette butts around.Nearby resident: She says she warms herself by fire, but her son or daughter says she smokes.Fortunately, there were no casualties and the fire department is still investigating the cause of the fire.Winter is the season of high fire incidence, we must pay attention to the investigation of family fire hazards, do “three clean, three check, three pass, three extinguish”, carefully use electricity, gas and fire, improve the awareness of fire safety of family members, put an end to fire!1. Clear the aisle.Do not pile up debris in the corridor, stair corner, basement and other places;It is forbidden to park electric vehicles in stairwells, evacuation passages and safety exits.Keep fire escape, safety exit and evacuation passageway unblocked at all times.2, clear the balcony.Want to clear the sundry on the balcony in time, especially the inflammable content such as cardboard box, paper skin, plastic.3, clear the balcony.Family with the most fire is the kitchen, to timely clean up the kitchen oil, paper, cloth and other combustible, and away from the stove and other sources of fire;Check and replace the aging gas hose in time, and check and clean the range hood and gas cooker regularly.1. Check the channel.Check whether the fire truck passage, evacuation passage and safety exit are unblocked;Check whether indoor fire hydrants, evacuation signs, emergency lights, fire extinguishers are in good condition and effective.2. Check the wires.Check whether there is a phenomenon of disorderly connection of wires, overload electricity;Check whether there are aging wires, short circuit, leakage and other safety hazards;Check whether the household appliances have passed the national product quality certification.3, check the fire door.Normally closed fire doors have the function of fire prevention, smoke isolation and high temperature blocking in a certain period of time, and must be kept normally closed to play a role.For ventilation, many residents in high-rise buildings will put things against the fire doors in stairwells, leaving them open all the time, which is not safe.Close the door.In recent years, because of external fire through the window into the indoor fire cases are common, so when leaving home to close the doors and Windows, to prevent external fire through the window into the indoor fire.2. Turn off the power.A wide variety of household appliances bring convenience to people at the same time there are also some hidden dangers, so we should pay attention to the use of electrical appliances and the use of time, not immediately turn off the power, if you leave home for a long time, it is best to turn off the power switch.3, turn off the gas.After using the gas, close the gas valve in time, do not change the gas pipeline without permission, and regularly check whether the gas hose is aging, falling off, leakage and other household fire hazards.1, put out the cigarette.Smoking while lying in bed or on the sofa can easily cause the cigarette butt to fall off and ignite combustible materials, which can cause a fire and lead to tragedy.Small cigarette butts, great hidden dangers, so, do not throw cigarette butts, do not smoke in bed.2, put out the ashes.Fire ash usually appears in rural families, in the treatment of fire ash must be completely poured out with water, and then dumped, do not dump fire ash in flammable, combustible places.3, destroy the source.Electrical line fire, children playing with fire, careless use of fire are the main causes of family fire.To guide children not to play with fire, fire safety education for children;To regularly check the home electrical wiring, electrical equipment, timely discovery and elimination of all kinds of hidden trouble, from the source to reduce fire hazards.