Too arrogant!An American company threatens the whole of Europe. China’s prescience has a lesson for Europe

2022-05-05 0 By

As we all know, the comprehensive national strength of the United States is still relatively strong, and even some American enterprises are very aggressive in international trade occasions. For example, the Meta Corporation of the United States recently threatened the entire European countries.The company said it would stop providing Facebook and Instagram services to European countries if they did not stop regulating Meta’s products, which once again shows how correct China’s decision was.Europe new regulatory policies, do not allow the Meta data is uploaded to the server in the United States information enterprises have often and government cooperation, and Meta company’s products are often put the European user data collection, American all uploaded to the server, it is likely to be information security pose serious threat to Europe.As a result, The European authorities said they would tighten oversight of Meta’s products and build a firewall to prevent them from sending European information to servers in the United States.No matter from which point of view, the practice of European countries is reasonable, the most fundamental purpose is to protect their information security.Meta is supposed to be regulated by European authorities and respect local laws.But what no one imagined was that this American company would be so arrogant that it would threaten the whole of Europe.If Meta does refuse to provide Facebook and INSTAGRAM services to European countries, it will have an impact, because the U.S. information technology industry is selling a variety of apps in Europe, and facebook software is already embedded in the daily life of European citizens.But it also shows the arrogance of American companies, who don’t even care about their Allies in Europe, and it shows how right China’s decision is.China has local Internet companies, we have our own social software. We all know that software like Facebook and Instagram are not available in China, because we don’t allow foreign companies to transfer china-related data out of China.This is also why software like Facebook has been unable to enter the Chinese market, because their companies are unwilling to accept Chinese legal regulation.But even if we don’t have Facebook, China has its own social software, which is no worse or more comprehensive than those developed by American companies.China already has the foundation to produce top international Internet companies. There is no need for us to blindly accept products from the US.This is also the effect of China’s independent development strategy, the United States has less influence on China.Part of the message reference: Platoon leader observation