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The 110th anniversary Chevrolet test drive experience season is underway. Do you like the blind box?Are you addicted to the surprise and excitement of facing the unknown?Now, go to the Chevrolet showroom next to you to test drive designated models, that is, have the opportunity to get the chance to draw Chevrolet blind box!From now on, the Chevrolet 110th anniversary test drive experience season of “Legend of Warm Winter Youth” is in full swing. Visit the local designated Chevrolet exhibition hall in Shandong, Liaoning, Jilin and Heilongjiang to test drive pioneers, explorers, Malibu XL and Chang Tour, and you will have the chance to win the surprise blind box lottery.It contains audio and video website membership, lifestyle drink discount vouchers, movie vouchers, travel platform vouchers, car maintenance platform vouchers and other gifts. Now come to the Chevrolet showroom in person to test drive experience and get the gift!On October 28th, the 2022 Malibu XL was officially launched.The new Mairebo XL new starlight gray, electric red two car color, and will be rich humanized technology configuration extended to more models, in order to meet consumers intelligent, high quality car experience.In addition, the 2022 Malibu XL can enjoy 8 years or 160,000 km of original factory warranty service for the main parts of the powertrain, and 100G of OnStar application free lifelong flow service every year.The 2022 Malibu XL will include a rearview mirror electric folding function and high-definition digital reversing image system with reversing track guide line on all models except the entry model.At the same time, the whole series of new standard double automatic air conditioning, nanoscale PM2.5 air conditioning filter, air temperature, humidity sensor, the outside temperature display, the rear diffuser, independent digital tire pressure monitoring, rear window mist, multi-function steering wheel, smart keyless entry, the engine start one key and so on many human comfortable enjoy configuration of science and technology, to further improve product value.The domestic oil price has risen again, and the cumulative annual expenditure of family car oil fees has risen to a new level. A reliable and good new energy model is absolutely a good option for families to buy cars.Buy new energy car graph what?Energy saving and money saving is, of course, the answer must be chosen. Tens of thousands of people buy a daily mobility car figure is a money saving and comfortable.Changxun can fully get your needs at this point, different from the traditional drive form, its power using intelligent three electric system, three systems with efficient cooperation, so that you can not only experience the unprecedented driving feeling, but also bid farewell to the burden of energy consumption, save worry and money.On energy saving, chang Xun also has his magic weapon.The maximum power of permanent magnet synchronous motor carried by Changxun is 110kW, and the maximum torque is 350N·m. It only takes 3.6 seconds to accelerate 0-50km/h, and the speed is smooth.The power consumption of 100 km is as low as 13.1kW·h, and the driving cost of 1 KWH is much lower than that of fuel vehicles.In addition, the x3 energy recovery mode selected by Changxun can switch the driving mode according to the road conditions, which can not only meet the driving needs of different road conditions, but also effectively save electricity and avoid waste.In terms of charging, Chang Patrol can choose dc fast charge and AC slow charge.Fast charging mode can charge 80% in 40 minutes;Slow charging mode, can be completed in 8 hours.When it comes to energy efficiency, you can trust the Chevy Chevy.Chevrolet “warm winter legend is young” Chevrolet 110 anniversary test drive experience season activities continue, Chevrolet blind box surprise, limited quantity, first come, first served, not to be missed!Details can be consulted in the store.