Anti fraud fraud prevention | alert!Telecom network fraud has a new twist, remember the “money is not negotiable”

2022-05-06 0 By

Beware of telecom fraud guard “money bag” with the popularity of anti-fraud information, although let us brush part-time fraud, loan fraud and pig pan type fraud have a certain understanding, but the fraud means of criminals are also constantly “innovation”, so that we cannot guard against.We should keep abreast of new scams and raise awareness to avoid being cheated.So, telecom network fraud and what new tricks?Online fraud is not strange, often some criminals will use recruitment websites, part-time QQ groups and other ways to release false part-time information, with high returns as bait, propaganda can stay indoors to earn 100 yuan a day, a monthly income of more than ten thousand.Part-timers really brush, waiting for the return, the other side will be system, network problems and other excuses, requiring part-timers for multiple remittance network fraud.Since this year, fraud methods have changed, criminals in the early fraud, in the brush this link more investment, will first let part-time brush taste the sweetener, lure part-time gambling.The other side will say that brushing money is too slow, he knows that there is a brushing website to earn more, and then send links to part-timers, in fact, such links are gambling links, let part-timers with him to buy the size, some will claim to be website engineers, can manipulate the background, earn money together with the site;Some say there are acquaintances in the background.But buy the size of the need to recharge first, doubling the return is doubled.Many people follow the operation, looking at the personal account money, but can not mention it.02 loan balance type fraud online loan is also the type of network fraud in high incidence.Illegal elements in the network issued when lending information, will be “no interest, simple procedures” to lure.When the victim enters the loan website, he has entered the trap of the “scammer”, because such a website is looking for a gang to do the fraudulent website.Enter the website, first enter to the lenders to fill out personal information, the binding of bank CARDS, the binding of bank card also need a certain amount, after complete, there will be a customer service call, claims to fill in the information is wrong, bank CARDS, have been frozen, you need to fill in the information, moreover platform advances, matching funds thaw, but platform to drop the zhang ping,The borrower needs to submit the same amount of money, and the lender can see their money has been unfrozen from the platform, but then withdraw it always fails, and the customer service will say that there is a system error, the need to pay the margin, etc., a scam that is one ring after another.03 kill pig disc of short video platform target kill pig disc filter fraud fraud is based on the chat to talk about feelings, and trusted way of online fraud.Earlier QQ looking for friends, wechat shake, or looking for nearby people, and so on, casting a wide net to find the target of fraud, different is, now fraud suspects will target in some public social platforms.This year is different from the swine-killing swine-style fraud in the past. The suspects will look for targets on short video platforms such as Douyin, watch personal videos posted by some young men and women, judge from them, and chat in private messages, with the excuse that they work in the same city.They will chat first, and then talk about feelings, will give the deceived to introduce themselves to work in the blessing lottery center, and through the modification of positioning software, its positioning in the office address of the blessing lottery center, to be warm feelings, will reveal their own because is the insider’s sake, there is the ability to buy lottery can let people win the prize.The website sent to each other to buy lottery tickets is actually a fake website made by the cheater. Few people go to check the authenticity of the website, and then fall into the trap of the “cheater”.In fact, telecom network fraud as long as keep in mind a always give money things “no talk”