Can be fitted to the new Ridola Racing Glory card dual rear wheels 5.98W

2022-05-06 0 By

Today, Wuling Auto announced that a new generation of larger cargo truck – Wuling Glory new card double rear wheels officially launched.The new car launched the basic type (single, double row), comfort (single, double row) a total of 4 models, the basic type single, double row price is 59,800, 62,800, comfort single, double row price is 63,800, 66,800.”Can load to force, DORA fast running”, Glory new card double rear wheel with its high load, large size, strong power, excellent configuration of the product force advantage, become a new equipment for business users to get rich.Rongguang new card double rear wheels in the loading performance of the overall upgrade, the use of double rear wheel structure to strengthen the load capacity, six wheel cargo more powerful.At the same time, according to the freight demand of users with large size and weight, it is equipped with 3300 (single row) /2600 (double row) *1770*360mm super-wide split container, which is better in width than other products of the same level. It is also equipped with practical gantry frame and rope hooks on both sides to reinforce the cargo and protect the safety of the cockpit.Considering the practical needs of users, the new car is equipped with 1.8L+5MT power combination, which brings more powerful power output experience than similar products, greatly improves operating efficiency, and truly brings the freight experience of “loading force, DORA fast”.In view of the user will face up and down slope, gravel road and other complex road conditions, the vehicle has undergone a endurance test of 160,000 km and the engine 320,000 km, the test environment includes a variety of extreme environment, rigorous test to create durable quality of leather, so that the new car is more reliable and safe.In the economic environment of the new era, freight people also have higher requirements for driving safety and comfort. For this new car, the whole series of standard ABS+EBD, EPS electric power, reversing radar and other practical configuration, high equipped with the main driving airbag and the same level rare 8-inch multimedia large screen, with reversing image, mobile phone mapping and other functions.To provide users with driving safety while improving the car experience.The launch of wuling Glory new card double rear wheels, combined with the market and users of the new demand for a comprehensive upgrade, with stronger load, higher configuration, for the majority of strivers to provide new freight options.”What the people need, Wuling will make what”, Wuling Glory new card double rear wheel to help strivers better life, with the official launch of this freight new equipment, Wuling will write a new chapter of struggle with the people!