How does tanling crystal pear grow strong?Provincial People’s Congress deputies on the spot “recruit”

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Recently, Guangdong Provincial people’s Congress representative and senior agronomist Huang Meicong answered farmers’ questions on the spot in the crystal pear Garden in the new village of Tanyuan Village Committee, Xingzi Town, Lianzhou City, and offered suggestions for making the crystal pear industry stronger and bigger.With the recent the rise of temperature, the planetesimals town pond, pond source village of pear trees grow in former period of the management, the planetesimals town lake ridge National People’s Congress on behalf of a junction invited Huang Meicong of people went to the pool source village field technical guidance for the crystal pear growers, planting technology “prescription” for them, and for tam ridge “decide questions of BSFLP crystal pear industry development.Provincial people’s Congress, senior agronomist Huang Meicong on-site answers Huang Meicong vivid and detailed technical guidance, so that farmers harvest a lot.Town people’s Congress, Tan Yuan village Party secretary LAN Tujian said:”Huang Meicong’s explanation, let me learn a new technology, new method, as a town people’s congress, in the future I will started to put today imparting learned the technology and method in a timely manner to the surrounding farmers, with good mind our tam ridge, crystal pear, improve market competitiveness, the brand we pool ridge crystal pear tree up.”Crystal pear is the pillar industry of agriculture in Lianzhou city, and the two village committees of Tanling and Tanyuan of Xingzi Town are the main production areas of crystal pear in Lianzhou City. At present, the pear area of crystal pear and huanghua pear mainly planted in Tanling and Tanyuan has exceeded 10,000 mu.Provincial people’s Congress representative Huang Meicong has been engaged in agricultural technology promotion service for more than 30 years, and has been fulfilling his duties. He has made active suggestions and suggestions for promoting the development of Lianzhou Crystal pear and driving farmers to increase their income and get rich.”At present, in order to solve the bottleneck problem restricting the development of crystal pear industry, and continue to expand and strengthen the crystal pear industry, we must strengthen demonstration leading, improve quality and efficiency, and enhance the brand value.”She suggested, to go through the land circulation, project support, industry awards, and other key policy support, introduce and cultivate modern agriculture leading enterprise and farmers’ professional cooperation at the provincial level demonstration club, to accelerate the industrialization, standardization, scale, and fruit industry brand development, “create crystal pear cultivation, storage, sale, transport in one of the modern industrial park,That is the way out for damnyeong Crystal Pear.Xingzi town people’s Congress related person in charge of introduction, in recent years, xingzi town through adjusting the planting structure, crystal pear industry development began to take shape, become tanling, Tanyuan villagers to increase income and get rich characteristic advantage of the leading industry.In the next step, the People’s Congress of Xingzi Town will continue to play the role of NPC deputies in connecting the masses, further improve farmers’ agricultural products planting technology, improve the scientific and professional planting level, help improve the quality and efficiency of Tanling crystal pear, steadily promote the construction of Tanling crystal pear Industrial Park, and lay a solid foundation for the realization of rural revitalization.Source: Lianzhou Release