Lei Jiayin’s wife was so beautiful, green cardigan with a high collar bottom, the United States atmosphere and fashion

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Different styles of clothing always correspond to different groups of people. Adolescent girls tend to prefer student-like designs when choosing clothes, while mature professional women tend to be more concise and dignified in their daily collocation.However, there are also a large proportion of mature women who are mothers. Their identity and temperament are more complicated, so they may take more factors into consideration when choosing clothes.There are a lot of young mothers will put a lot of energy in the family, the spirit will be more tired, in the face of daily collocation when there may be some powerless, but in these groups there will also be some dress very colorful mother.Their daily dress is very tasteful and youthful, both girls and mature women sexy, look at the appearance can not be found to be a mother, but very youthful, this kind of hot mom style is also more suitable for young mothers.For example, lei Jiayin’s wife’s dress is more worthy of you treasure mothers to learn from, let’s have a look.Hot mom wears the design recommendation that build — wife of lei Jiayin of short paragraph knit cardigan is so beautiful originally, green cardigan matchs high collar bottom, beautiful atmosphere is fashionable again.The hot mom style is usually followed by the fashion trend, the result of the collocation does not have any sense of outdated, but is the same as the young spice girls wear.However, hot mom also has some qualities that young people do not have, such as daily collocation can choose some fashion elements but temperament and very gentle style.The knit cardigan that resembles short paragraph is to compare restoring ancient ways but very fashionable sheet is tasted, the design of short paragraph can have very strong agile feeling, collocation goes up a few popular fashionable elements can be very young.The knitted material has gentle and delicate lines, just like the warmth and tolerance of the mother herself. The elasticity and fluffy texture of the knitted coat together with the tight hem will also magnify the sexy curve of the figure.Such clothing is also more suitable as a coat, in the autumn and winter season will also hold the effect of warmth and beautiful appearance.Casual leopard print suit suit hot mom can be divided into a lot of scenes to wear, daily collocation in addition to gentle and elegant, but also handsome fashion, in the choice of clothing style can try some elements suitable for their life stage.For example, the background and temperament of mature women on the element collocation of leopard grain will be more suitable, the collocation of both will be very natural and harmonious, leopard grain can stimulate the wild and unruly in the bones of hot mothers.Many years ago, women might not have been able to pull off leopard print, but hot moms can bring out the charm of leopard print in its own right.When choosing a specific style, you can try to design a more casual and popular leopard print suit suit, and suits can choose a more relaxed style.Such a suit will cover up some women’s body curves, creating a neutral paper-thin sense of emaciation, with handsome and thin leopard-print five minutes suit pants will have a tomboy feeling, women can choose a more slim inside when matching.In this way, the suit itself can be retained handsome, but also retain the female figure and proportion of hot sex.The young atmosphere of printing short T is always accompanied by the vitality of aging, hot mom can also try this kind of collocation, simple printing short T fold wear a long sleeve bottom is very youthful wear, this kind of collocation is also more comfortable and simple.Choose this kind of collocation for daily travel and play will have a very natural feeling, shape and material are very comfortable.Color recommendations for hot mom wear – The color choice of green clothing is worth researching. Hot mom can avoid some old colors and try more fashionable or elegant colors.Like green clothing matching any material is very texture, green has its own plant cold and jade jewelry noble gas, significant white effect can greatly improve the cold and clean temperament.White fresh and beautiful dress compared with strong personality of clothing collocation will be more age-reducing sense, fresh lady dress is more suitable for pure and flawless white, white matching dress can create or goddess or pastoral sense of forest, this color is also very age-reducing young women.Light pink stacking is a popular way to wear, hot mom can also try some clothes that can be stacked, the inner color of the clothes are more basic, so the outer clothes can have some differences in color and the inner clothes.Women, for example, can choose a soft and romantic color like light pink with a light interior. This color is not too flashy for hot moms, but rather a very understated and gentle color.Hot mom wear collocation recommendation — knit coat + turtleneck lei Jiayin wife is not simple, wear green sweater show hot mom temperament, quite a fan.The knit coat of autumn winter can choose tall collar unlined upper garment to serve as inside build when tie-in.Such collocation will be more refined in style, also be very savour and the collocation of administrative levels, brunet inside build also can have certain show thin effect.Young women will be more inclined to some versatile and personalized styles when matching, such as casual black suit and wide-leg jeans is a popular combination among young people.Recreational business suit is taking a kind of cool maturity, pants of wide leg on collocation also can show a figure very much, such color department combination also is more handsome have glamour.The limited collocation of printed sweater and super short pleated skirt will have a strong sense of warm atmosphere, and can also reflect the young and old life view of women, so you can choose a more festive collocation every day.For example, a printed sweater can be paired with a super-short pleated skirt to give a strong girly sex appeal. The patterns and colors of the printed clothes can be changed according to the different festive atmosphere.