Not ideal!China team three out of only one clearance, or the gold medal winner steady!

2022-05-06 0 By

Beijing time on February 9, the fifth day of the Beijing Winter Olympics.Short track speed skating project continues today, after the gold medal of the three projects, the Chinese short track speed skating team scored two gold, showed their strength, and a high-speed camera in the field, let likes to strive for the performance of Chinese athletes with little affectations site, also can ensure the Chinese team in a fair environment going,The gold medal tonight is men’s 1500 meters. Ren Ziwei, who just won the gold medal in men’s 1000 meters, will compete with his teammates Sun Long and Zhang Tianyi.The women’s 1,000m preliminaries and the semi-finals of the women’s 3,000m relay will also be held today.Game starts, the first group of Chinese player, but Hungary’s shao-lin liu started broke the Olympic record, Sun Long most NaDao participating in the second group, he gets his slide choose to catch up on the fourth lap, after several rounds of Sun Long performance is weak, gradually slipped to a finally, finally come back but could not find the opportunity, the fifth crossed the line,The second Italian player in the group was ruled foul result invalid, Sun Long got the fourth group, did not directly advance, but also left with the best result of the fourth group to make up the opportunity to advance.The world record is held by South Korea’s Lee Jun-seo, who won the group.The third group competition without Chinese players, South Korea’s hwang Dae-heon, the Russian Olympic team and Canadian players group second and third advanced.Zhang Tianyi started out in the fifth group. His strategy was more active than Sun Long’s and he tried to control his rank in the top three. But unfortunately, Zhang Tianyi lost the chance of promotion when he fell out on the fifth lap from the last.Ren ziwei played in the last group with Liu Shaoang of Hungary. He and Liu shaoang managed to win the top two places in the group, despite a slight lag in the middle of the match.But Sun Long did not pass their own results by promotion.Congratulations to Ren Ziwei and look forward to the next three girls, Han Yutong, Qu Chunyu and Zhang Chutong in the women’s 1000m heat.