That’s why a famous Cambodian actress has announced her divorce.

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On February 18, famous Cambodian actress Marina Lee announced on her Facebook page that she had divorced, sending shockwaves through the entertainment industry and Cambodian society.It is reported that Marina Lee is an outstanding Actress in Cambodia, she made her debut for many years, acting in many local dramas and movies, as well as hosting many TV programs.Versatile, she has been married for many years and has a son.The consensus is that her happy marriage life.Yesterday, the actress, who is a household name, took to Facebook to announce her divorce, sending fans and the entertainment industry into an uproar.Marina Li wrote on Facebook: “I Marina Li and my husband Sazhan Tun are officially divorcing and ending their relationship.It was difficult to live together because we couldn’t live together harmoniously for many years.I hope the divorce can be amicable and all the things that have happened can be put to an end. I hope it will not affect the social order.”It has been revealed that the star’s husband has been indifferent to his wife, giving her the cold shoulder despite her efforts at acting and online sales, which was one of the main reasons their marriage fell apart.