B station marketing golden circle rule

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Edit guide language: B station god makes in large numbers, what is the marketing golden circle law among them?In this article, the author analyzes this problem from multiple aspects, introduces the reasons why the videos of B website can be popular and how B website is marketed, and recommends reading for groups who want to learn marketing.After manually restoring the golden mask of Sanxingdui, the master of UP station B, “talented and unlearned”, has recently released an amazing new work: he spent three months manually building a “China Space Station” with the silk craft of Intangible heritage.As for why the production of Tiangong space station, rather than like the previous replicas of cultural relics, only the light shows that the silk Mosaic technology is one of the peaks of ancient technology, and the Tiangong space station is one of the peaks of China’s modern industry, we hope to combine the two.”Like it for the post-1995 generation!””More young people are needed for the inheritance of INTANGIBLE cultural heritage” and “Salute the craftsmen who inherit traditional culture”.This video has become another amazing work after He’s “Hardcore Table”, and has become the phenomenon content of STATION B at the beginning of 2022.Is the same high-energy kernel, is also a hidden marketing master, in fact, where students and only shallow explosion logic is not the same – where students rely on innovation to attract attention, and only shallow rely on ingenuity to win.And listen to party A financial stripping this god behind B station marketing “golden circle rule”.First, to create the silk Mosaic of China space Station, a “vision + ingenuity” double feast “talented and uneducated only shallow”, B station famous artisans.A video showing sanxingdui’s golden mask being restored by hand has attracted many fans and was even forwarded by CCTV.Recently, he made a video of the Chinese space Station by hand with traditional silk Mosaic technology. It became the first viral video of the New Year with 2.88 million views and 111,000 views. It was also included in the weekly must-see program of station 147th episode B.Why, he’s hot again?Let’s start with a recap of the highlights of this issue.(1) Presentation: Simple and energetic continues the consistent style. Due to the high cost and technical threshold, the main purpose of the shallow video is to present the overall production process sense, sense of reality, sense of subtlety and sense of faith, which makes people feel plain and natural, but also greatly shocked.The voice-over part of the video still maintains a third-person perspective, and the narrating style is neither trudging nor flattering, nor blowing. The owner of Up claims to be “untalented and uneducated”, but it makes the danmu audience feel their lack of “dishes”.The most wonderful handmade part is that the whole process is from the first perspective. When related to the production details, the “panorama + close-up” lens is adopted, which makes the audience feel full of immersion, as if they were “pinching silk” by hand, and the degree of decompression is comparable to pinching plastic bubbles by hand.(2) plot, fastidious documentary content on the one hand all real documentary, on the one hand close to hot aviation current events;On the one hand, it takes into account the traditional cultural connotation, on the other hand, it pays attention to the interesting technology and popular science.And just shallow record with tide hongji specially to shantou factory to learn the process of silk master, full of sincerity.So when the final product, the handmade space station, appeared, the audience shouted, “You’ve got it!”(3) Interaction, which naturally reveals a strong sense of immersion in DIY throughout the whole process, is the “poison” that most young people cannot extricate themselves from.Watching the magical transformation of strands of gold in the hands of CAI Shallow, arousing the audience’s spontaneous barrage interaction: “ghost talent”, “he seems to really try to teach me”, “big guy is mighty”, “one key three even necessary”……The national is eternal.Chinese traditional crafts have been handed down to this day, bearing not only the wisdom of our ancestors, but also the touch points that are most likely to touch the emotional resonance of Chinese audiences.Whether before the manual gold mask video was forwarded by CCTV, shallow I was invited to youth UP to participate in the recording program;Or rely on the work of the Chinese space station again on CCTV, “@Youth, 2022!”To realize the main channel exposure, the essence is the spiritual resonance inspired by Chinese culture and traditional technology, which is externalized into the social level of communication volume.Second, the tide of the country, B station rising cultural confidence of the generation of people, all after wave.When STATION B is going from a small community to a core gathering place for young people, it is the background of the awakening of national tide and cultural awakening.For example, the number of searches for “Guo Chao” on e-commerce platforms has increased by 528% in the past decade, according to Crowley.B station was marketing circles as a brand final battleground, lies in its perfect accord with new age young people’s spiritual pursuit, with four key words to sum up: (1) confidence behind the tide awakening, is a kind of worship things of cultural self-confidence, no longer is the identity of national culture, but also the depth increase of national self-confidence.”Guochao” can not only interpret traditional culture in a trendy way, but also combine traditional culture with fashion and creativity, opening a new world for brand content marketing. Station B is a fertile soil for the content position bearing this new world.(2) Independent Chinese local brands win the spring.The process of rising tide in China is also the process of rising manufacturing in China.As China’s manufacturing industry marches into the world, traditional enterprises have also completed the optimization and upgrading of innovation and quality service, realizing the transformation from “Made in China” to “created in China”, which has been recognized by consumers in the new era.In the process, local brands need a channel to communicate effectively with young people.(3) Freedom The consumers of generation Z, headed by generation Z after 1995 and 2000, are the most original aborigines of the Internet. They are exposed to the impact of explosive information day and night, and the classical advertising reach model has gradually become invalid in front of generation Z.Open, interesting, novel, fun marketing methods and content, is this group of users are willing to stay attractive point.Site B has 128 million Gen Z users, with one in four young people using site B on average.(4) Before the popularization, self-B station is essentially a niche content community that pays attention to user self-expression. The atmosphere of the community is attached with the gene of circle stratification.This will better match the needs of local brands. In addition to single brand marketing activities, as local brands with the same roots and roots or even accompanying the growth of generation Z, it is easier for them to find the spirit of users, so as to realize the construction of cultural spirit, and absorb users into their own cultural circle, and deposit them as brand assets.Confidence, self-reliance, freedom, self.Behind the seemingly complicated and jumping environment of station B, there is a rebellion and return of young people to the traditional mode.What rebelled was cookie-cutter, unheartwarming marketing;What is returning is the traditional trend of orderly inheritance and keeping pace with The Times.Three, marketing alchemy, create, suffering, empathy, empathy B station fans of high value, as we all know.The value of a fan on site B in terms of interaction, dialogue, communication and other aspects will far exceed the combined value of a hundred fans on other social media platforms.This has also led to an increase in the business value of UP owners.However, many brands are used to the rough and direct ROI logic of information flow and do not really know what kind of UP masters and content output their brands fit into.Or create an Internet meme, viral video, and self-implanting suture monster.Or try to feed the user with a saucepan of incomplete color and flavor.Or believe in miracles as long as the flow does not look at the content, waving money to make UP the Lord “just rice”…It all counts as ineffective marketing.Just shallow the way and performance of this video, it can be said that hongjile hit a perfect chemical reaction with the brand tide.It not only realizes positive word-of-mouth feedback in STATION B, but also releases marketing potential energy of station B.Objectively speaking, the way of cooperation is extremely restrained, and the feedback from fans has become the best evidence: As a traditional jewelry brand, Chaohongji still inherits classical craft and craftsmanship in the flow era, which is worthy of affirmation and respect.Next, party A from four angles behind the analysis of the marketing tide acer as a brand side of the heart.(1) The brand gene of Co-create Chaohongji is originality. As the first Chinese jewelry brand to enter Basel Jewelry Fair, chaohongji’s design style is to integrate traditional cultural elements into jewelry fashion design, and has been adhering to the mission of inheriting and innovating Traditional Chinese gold and silver techniques.This is the tide hongji brand base.Under the premise that the strength of the brand, to find the right KOL content as the core, in the form of create and the non-dominant, cooperate to light the topic and content of such KOL itself characteristics, its process inheritance, brand culture directly but is not hard to show to the user, implement brand marketing content secondary deduce, complete a touch brand mark.In this process, the selection of content platform is also critical. Short videos are too fragmented, so they can only be distributed, but not detonated, while medium and long videos are obviously the most suitable for B station, where culture prevails in the main circle.(2) One of the main reasons for the high commercial value of the fans of Gongkuai B station lies in its authenticity.Because of its authenticity and casual resistance to perfunctory business, the UP owner’s rigid behavior is even more abhorrent. There are not a few rollover cases.Only shallow and tidal Acer this cooperation, the most recognized part of users, is that tidal Acer and tidal shallow both real and content matching fusion:Whether it is only shallow for the traditional skills of his obsession, or chaohongji itself has the corresponding technological strength, only shallow learned the art of silk teacher in Chaohongji Shantou factory, the guinness World Record of handcrafted treasure of silk wind and rain bridge, but also stands in chaohongji jewelry museum.On-site learning, personal experience, post-grinding, Chaohongji is not long, but the whole video shows the sweat behind the process, all of which no longer reflects the ingenuity of chaohongji brand.(3) Empathy is no longer the era where channels are king. Every interaction opportunity with users is precious, because users are exposed to too much marketing content and gameplay every day.The realization of an effective marketing should be based on content and supplemented by marketing, rather than blindly Shouting, which is determined by the positioning of B station’s content platform itself.For the brand side, focus on products, focus on content, marketing is to add fuel to the fire.Chao Hongji is even willing to wait as little as three months for content production cycle, in order to polish the content, which may be the underlying reason for the success of this cooperation.(4) There is a hidden thread running through this video — silk metalwork, one of the traditional Chinese crafts.Behind the silk craft is the historical massiness and national culture of the whole Chinese traditional handicraft.From the Forbidden City to Chaohongji, from ancient works to the handmade space station, the flowing sense of inheritance makes the brand, KOL and users form a resonance. In a way, the cultural pride and national pride inspired by the audience are transferred to the brand characteristics of Chaohongji itself.Let people naturally accept, pure enjoyment, applause marketing implantation, is YYDS.Four, originality is the best marketing without leaving traces of The Tang Dynasty Wang Shiyuan for the “Meng Haoran collection” for the preface, there is a “text is not according to the ancient, ingenuity alone wonderful”.The original meaning of “ingenuity” refers to a variety of clever ideas, rather than hard work and inflexibility. The same applies to branding and marketing.For example, the innate nature of “community + content” in STATION B determines that fans have a full say in the commercialization of UP, which also limits the threshold of cooperation between brands and UP owners.In addition to the brutal and direct launch of B station, the “hard” of short video platforms, which ignore account attributes and content tonality like the algorithm logic, will only cause a double dislike to fans of UP and the brand.The attribute of station B is content community, and the communication channel of station B is cultural circle layer.B site users more fans are based on such as secondary yuan, manual, curtilage dance, science and technology and other spheres of culture identity and unified together to one UP, and with its own, as a second source for circle in the process of transfer, marketing attributes overweight content will naturally be screen out, leaving only interesting enough, enough interaction, the value of the forward part.The most suitable marketing mode for B station is to do content and ingenuity.This may imply the chao Hongji brand itself characteristics.The content of the brand itself is to focus on the integration of traditional craft and Oriental culture with modern fashion jewelry. The ingenuity of the enterprise itself is to adhere to the inheritance of traditional handcraft and push forward the new in the new era.Such brand characteristics, transferred to the marketing action, is a show of respect for content.And tide hongji this cooperative marketing video out of the circle and fire, perhaps it is the best feedback to adhere to the ingenuity.Traditional craft needs time. It is time itself. It has been passed down for thousands of years.Content takes time, it takes the creator to think, to show life under their skin;Marketing takes time, brands need to clear the original intention, to achieve a balance between external and introverted.As gold silk technology, a trace of a wisp, all by hand, set line for the device, ingenuity.No hurry, no hurry.Authors: Jing Xun;Everyone is a product manager.Reprint without permission is prohibited.The picture is from Unsplash, based on CC0 protocol