The 12th Children’s Spring Festival Gala of Yueyang city was a special performance of cucurbit flute

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Yueyang full of radio, film and television media news (reporter Su-fang li Chen Junxi Tang Qinghui (internship) on January 24th afternoon, sponsored by the yueyang city radio and television new media center “of the tiger spring-heralding” yueyang 12th children’s Spring Festival gala “teana gore silk, in great convention and exhibition center, the whole activity on the basis of strictly for epidemic prevention and control, using no audience enclosed filming,The whole process was broadcast online through the App “Radio And Television Cloud”.At half past one in the afternoon, in a song “Song dazzle dance”, opened the beginning of the hulusi special performance, from tianlai Hulusi education chain institutions affiliated to Tianlai Yueyang Campus, Changde Lixian Campus, Yueyang County campus, Miluo Branch district and other institutions of the small actors,With their carefully prepared “phoenix Bamboo under the moonlight”, “Descendants of the Dragon”, “Ava people sing new songs” and other 24 programs in turn on the stage.Yueyang 12th Children’s Spring Festival Gala Music hulusi Special director Chen Yingli:Hulusi is a very representative and characteristic instrument in Chinese folk music. In the programming of the program, special attention has been paid to the integration of Chinese folk music and traditional culture, such as the combination of ancient poetry in Di Zi GUI, opera style and pop music, so that a single instrument has diversified display.In the scene, a few guest small host’s wonderful performance, not only for this show added another luster, but also for their growth added new impetus.Yang Yunichi: I hope THAT EVERY time I go on stage, I can also learn from my older brothers and sisters.Moustache yu: I think the brave qualities of my friends are worth learning from.It is understood that the 12th Children’s Spring Festival Gala of Yueyang City will be broadcast on science and education channel and public channel of Yueyang Radio and TELEVISION Station during the Spring Festival. Let’s wait in front of the screen and enjoy the wonderful party brought by children.