Analysis of successful admission cases of Hiroshima University

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Student X Undergraduate University: Dalian University of Technology Undergraduate Major: Software Engineering Average score: 77 Japanese: N2 TOEIC: 670 Accepted institution: Department of Engineering Research, Hiroshima University Recruitment process: Student X has a clear overall goal and strong learning ability.I want to work hard to get the corresponding English, Japanese and GRE scores according to everyone’s overall planning time.Participants cooperated with each other in the application process, completed the layout efficiently, and submitted research proposals for modification actively.Hiroshima University is a comprehensive national university of culture and education in Japan, founded in 1929, and established higher education in 1949, the university is known as “many”.Hiroshima University is the only national university in Hiroshima Prefecture.Hiroshima university including the general department is equipped with a comprehensive science disciplines and letters including history humanities and culture education division, including college education, scientific and reasonable education, language education and career education theme activities, people produce fundamental system, law, including law, economic development department including economic subject, science, including mathematics, physics subjectDiscipline, discipline, planet earth system software including medicine, health care, health science disciplines, division including tooth, teeth care disciplines, medicine department including medicine, pharmaceutical disciplines, the labor department including mechanical engineering, electronic control system for electrical equipment information, organic chemistry, biological solutions, infrastructure construction of natural environment, biological production systemThe department of Biology consists of biological production,Equipped with a comprehensive scientific and reasonable researchment department, section researchment department, college education researchment department, humanities researchment department, neo-confucianism researchment department, scientific and reasonable researchment department production machine components, health care to learn researchment department, engineering science reasonable researchment department researchment department, biosphere, tooth medicine comprehensive researchment department, international medical work together researchment department, the finance researchment department and so on more than several researchment department and severalProfessional direction.Hiroshima University has the world’s top scientific research, in Asia and even the world has a high reputation.Does this article help you explain some of your doubts about studying abroad?Welcome you to log in to the university long website to apply for registration, when the time comes to watch the world famous university recruitment officer of the new school released information, detailed registration way also welcome you to send a message I carry out specific information, wish you go abroad to read a graduate success!To learn more