Barcelona 1 happy, 1 sad?Gather nine big forward reorganization front line, the target may not join in the heart

2022-05-08 0 By

The big winners of this transfer window must be Barcelona, as they have restructured their attacking line in just six months.Lionel Messi and Antoine Griezmann, who scored most of barca’s goals, have all joined Coutinho in leaving the club, and it is only a matter of time before Dembele, who failed to renew his contract, leaves.On the other hand, barca now has too many forward options. The center has Aubameyang, Braisweite, Luke – de Jong, the left side has Fadi, Depay, Abd, the right side has Traore, Ferran torres, Dembele, as many as 9 forward lines can absolutely meet the double front operations.At the same time, they also created a lot of salary space for Barcelona, their total salary is less than Messi’s salary.However, Barca still received a bad news, the front line is full, some players are sure to leave the team after the season, including Luke de Jong, Dembele, but barca may not be able to buy Harland.On the one hand, there is no shortage of strikers, on the other hand, aubameyang and Harland’s position overlap, unless aubameyang played left wing, harland in the center, but Fati is barca’s new core, it is impossible to play aubameyang’s winger position backup.High-priced new signing Ferran Torres is also unlikely to sit on the bench, so Barca seem to be giving up on Harland.In fact, harland may have given up on Barca.Sources said laiola told Barca that they had lost the chance to sign Harland after learning of the successful combination with Aubameyang.In other words, Barca has so much salary space that it may not be able to buy Harland, nor will Messi or Neymar return, wasting it.The loss of Harland will have a negative impact on barca’s future, because of the current nine strikers, only Faty has the potential to become a superstar, so Barca is very much in need of mbappe’s harland to join.Of course, there is no rule out barca taking the extreme option of selling off-contract Depay, giving up on renewing contracts with Luc de Jong and Traore, and persuading Aubameyang to take on a veteran role, that is, to go completely off the bench.Barca also have the advantage that their contract with Aubameyang includes the right to dismiss him for breach of team discipline.So, in dealing with aubameyang, the initiative is in Barca’s hands, a lesson learned from Arsenal.But there is no denying that Barca may not have an advantage at this stage in contacting Harland, instead pushing him closer to Real Madrid.Once Real Madrid have harland and Mbappe, it doesn’t matter how many strikers Barca have, the chances are that the new Real will be stuck for years.