In 2021, Dalian Customs seized 44,000 pieces of infringing goods

2022-05-08 0 By

Morning News (Zhao Chenstar Peninsula Morning News, 39 degrees video reporter Qi Yuanyuan) Dalian Customs recently released that in 2021, Dalian Customs seized a total of 141 batches of infringing goods, involving 44,000 pieces of goods, effectively protecting 58 rights of domestic and foreign rights holders.Since February 2021, dalian customs according to the unified deployment of the customs general administration, organized in succession, code-named “longteng act 2021”, “blue network act 2021” “net net act 2021” series of intellectual property protection special action, constantly strengthening the customs protection of intellectual property work, increase the channels, containing a high incidence of import and export of tort law,We will improve measures for service enterprises, strengthen protection of intellectual property rights throughout the chain, and create a sound business environment based on the rule of law.In the process of promoting intellectual property protection, Dalian Customs focused on key areas and channels where the public had strong complaints, continued to strengthen the control and investigation of infringing goods, increased human and material input, concentrated superior law enforcement forces, seized the key time nodes, registered and investigated a number of infringement and illegal cases.The infringed goods involved clothing, bags, shoes, cosmetics, fruits, bearings and other consumer goods and key industrial parts.Summer Olympic Games, Beijing Olympic winter games in Tokyo and other major sporting events, strengthen the attention to the Olympic symbol protection, during the Olympic Games in Tokyo in August in 2021, the import freight channel seized the Olympic logo infringement banana more than 40 tons, estimate value of nearly 160000 yuan, this is dalian customs seized in recent years, the biggest in infringement of rights of the Olympic logo.While continuously intensifying the crackdown, Dalian Customs implemented “list management” for enterprises’ INTELLECTUAL property problems, “zero-clearance feedback”, and solved 26 ipr problems for enterprises, such as ipr filing, rights protection in different places, clue transfer and risk analysis.Personalized service measures are formulated for different types of enterprises, actively guide and assist enterprises to go through customs protection filing procedures for INTELLECTUAL property rights, and constantly improve the satisfaction and sense of gain of enterprises in customs protection of intellectual property rights. In 2021, 4 new enterprises with independent intellectual property rights will be registered in Customs area.Dalian customs district key enterprise independent intellectual property rights wafangdian bearing group co., LTD in China bearing industry leading enterprises, are frequent infringement case, dalian customs to the company for five consecutive years as “longteng” area of the focus on cultivating enterprise, and enterprise close cooperation, joint strike infringement, rights and guide enterprises in other customs, through the efforts of the customs,The company has not been infringed in the past two years, and its reputation in the overseas market has been effectively maintained.In order to further build the intellectual property rights protection work pattern, dalian customs and shenyang, changchun, Harbin and other customs in northeast China and coastal cities including tianjin, ningbo, huangpu customs customs in information sharing, risk analysis, case report closely cooperation, training, promotion, etc, to prevent infringing goods port “drift”, strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights together;Actively integrated into the overall work pattern of local INTELLECTUAL property protection. In April 2021, organized five subordinate customs in the Customs area to sign the Memorandum of Cooperation on Strengthening Intellectual Property Protection in Import and Export Links with Dalian Intellectual Property Office.Clear strict protection of intellectual property rights, strengthen the supervision of the administrative law enforcement law enforcement collaboration, innovation mode, optimization of intellectual property service, contact machine 5 cooperation measures such as strengthening consultation to dalian in liaoning province, “doubles” and other institutions to provide the customs data with more than 10 against infringement, for the protection of intellectual property rights “source, break the chain” to provide support.