Planted on the high-yield field happiness million years old

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On February 25, Zhao rucai left the village committee and went straight to his house.Just entered the gate, see the yard wife Yang Xianju is chasing to feed the ground running grandchildren to eat.Hurriedly say: “signed signed, signed 70 acres, 3 years!”Hearing the news, Yang xianju immediately said, “That’s great!The house debt will be paid!”What did Zhao Rucai sign?Why is the whole family so happy?Zhaozhai Village, Xiyi Township, Longyang District, Baoshan City zhao Rucai, 45 years old, is a villager of Zhaozhai Village, Xiyi Township, Longyang District, Baoshan City. The couple have a son and a daughter.Because of the lack of capital and technology, plus married daughter-in-law and girls, owe a lot of debt, life is very poor.His family was still on the list of registered poor households in early 2019.In order to help his family out of poverty as soon as possible, Zhao’s family was included in the list of tobacco industry poverty alleviation by the local Party Committee and government.Under the guidance and help of longyang tobacco branch technicians, Zhao Rucai home from the red tower bank loan to the full amount of industrial investment funds.Under the coordination of the village committee, we contracted 40 mu of mountainous land from our neighbors and planted 45 mu of flue-cured tobacco with our own 5 mu terraced fields.A family of four workers worked hard for half a year, excluding the cost to get a net income of more than 50,000 yuan, finally paid off the previous debt, get rid of the poverty of the hat.Taste the sweetness of Zhao Ru CAI from now on set foot on the way to bag land farming.We will contract 50 mu of land in 2020 and 80 mu in 2021.With the increase of rental area, Zhao Rucai’s income is increasing year by year and the day is getting better year by year.The dilapidated tile-roofed house became a three-story mountain villa, the motorbike was replaced by a truck, and the couple’s bright smiles replaced their sad wrinkles as they ran around with their grandchildren.Baoshan City Long Yang District xiyi township Zhao Zhai village “without the party’s poverty alleviation good policy would not have my happy life today!”Zhao Rucai said.When asked about his future plans, Zhao told reporters excitedly: “This year, the tobacco company invested more than 1.8 million yuan to help build high-yield farmland in our village.I want to be able to pack 70 mu, can build a house to buy a car of more than 400,000 bad debts to pay off, but also can save some money for grandchildren to study.When the time comes, my home is planted on high-yield fields, happy ten thousand old!”Looking at the reporter’s puzzled expression, Zhao Rucai explained: “The high-yield farmland invested by the tobacco company is the basic farmland. Each field covers an area of more than 2 mu, has access to mechanical farming roads, and has drainage and irrigation canals supported on three sides, which is very suitable for large tractors to cultivate.This kind of field one mu light asks labor cost to want less than traditional field 400 to 500 pieces, big spring crop mu benefit increases at least 400 to 500 pieces, that is to say one mu can increase output value more than 800 pieces, mu net income can get 2000 pieces.Small spring wheat, per mu yield can increase more than 50 kilograms.The key is to contract with the village committee, you can pack for three years, there is no need to look for fields every year.”Looking at the villagers’ confident faces, Zhao Village, which has just stepped into the well-off village, is gradually realizing the prosperity of every household and constantly moving toward revitalization.Yunnan net correspondent Wang Dejun