The opening!What are the highlights of haidian Winter Olympics security?An exclusive sneak peek at

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A city two-time Olympic summer and winter cover made history on February 4th night the 24th winter Olympics opening ceremony in Beijing national stadium when spring meets the games are brilliant sparkles between Chinese romantic and cool technology every creative to amaze every feelings reach the heart of winter is not only the international association for the promotion of international events is the stage in the torch relayOn February 4, Haidian Fusion media winter Olympics sprint panorama panorama program “Transfer haidian strengthSprint to the Olympic Games are in weibo, quickly, trill platforms such as synchronous live in the 2022 winter Olympics and the winter paralympics in Beijing haidian district, the operation security headquarters, haidian district, deputy director of the office of the security command dispatching center, deputy director of the haidian district, Beijing sports bureau chief Zhang Yanxiang at haidian financial media studio introduces the games security related winter Olympics opening day on February 4, Beijing haidian also doHow is the security of haidian District for the Winter Olympic Games?The Winter Olympic Games in Haidian will involve two venues, the Capital Stadium and the Wukesong Sports Center, and three events. As a double Olympic district, Haidian has been fully prepared.Enter full race running mode.All staff are on duty all the time. Sixteen working groups of one office and one center perform their respective duties and cooperate with each other to fulfill the responsibility of the whole chain compaction and follow up and supervise the whole process.Implement closed-loop management to the letter.Strict daily nucleic acid testing is carried out within the closed loop to ensure that no one is missed, and to prevent personnel from breaking or breaking the loop, as well as cross-infection and spillover of the epidemic.Outside the closed loop, we will continue to carry out dynamic investigation of people involved in the Olympics, adhere to the “dynamic zero clearance”, strengthen food safety control for the Winter Olympics, and keep the bottom line of safety.Make sure the perimeter is secure.Strictly implement 24 hours outside inspection and hidden trouble screening, always maintain emergency status.At the same time, we will use science and technology to ensure smooth and orderly urban operation.In order to welcome the Winter Olympic Games haidian Lake, what measures will be taken to light up the city landmarks, urban landscape and maneuver emergency?In terms of urban landscape layout, the city has focused on the tiancun Mountain, Capital Stadium, Wukesong Sports Center, Zhongguancun Square and other key areas to highlight the characteristics of Haidian district, and carried out the layout of 1 mountain lighting, 7 landscape roads, and 19 landscape nodes, realizing the integration of landscape vectors and winter Olympics elements.In terms of mobile emergency response, Haidian District has launched the match support and emergency response mechanism, with 24-hour leaders on duty and professional support teams on duty all the time, ready to deal with all kinds of emergencies at any time.During the Winter Olympic Games from February 4 to February 20, two venues will be involved in our district. The three events are short-track speed skating and figure skating at the Capital Gymnasium. The women’s ice hockey competition will be held at the Wukesong Sports Center.The venue, venue operation and event services of the Capital Stadium and Wukesong Sports Center were fully tested and verified through the preliminary test events and activities, which enriched the experience in organizing the event under the epidemic prevention and control and laid a solid foundation for the event.During the tournament, the “double entry” working mechanism will be implemented, 24 hotel security teams will be set up, and local staff will be dispatched to all areas of the venue to ensure smooth linkage between inside and outside.The command and guarantee system has been established and improved, forming a guarantee operation system of “one office, one center, 16 working groups and 29 streets and towns”. District leaders take charge of daily command and scheduling, and each working group establishes its own scheduling mechanism in the form of special teams. All the members of streets and towns do their best to ensure peripheral security.Science and technology is the core business card of Haidian This Winter Olympic Games has a large part of scientific and technological achievements to be used in the medical epidemic prevention of the whole event to protect the medical epidemic prevention situation?More than 100 key innovative technologies were recommended for epidemic prevention and control through the 2021 test competition and activities.Application scenarios for the Winter Olympics can be seen everywhere, including the use of all-staff health management system, microchip smart wristband, aerosol detection system, digital sentry points and other scientific and technological projects.A number of projects, such as guiding service robots and disinfection robots, have also been widely used to strengthen protection and ensure epidemic prevention in an all-round way.Winter Olympics to Beijing and Haidian is not only an event, but also a long-term plan for the future. How will Haidian make full use of the venues in the post-Olympic era?After the competition, Wukesong Sports Center and Capital Stadium can accept international and domestic high-level ice events and become shared facilities to promote and popularize ice sports for teenagers.In the future, the public will be able to see more high-level events on ice, and the fitness conditions on ice will become better.Haidian District ice hockey Team U8, U10, U12, U14 in the program haidian District Ice hockey Team U8, U10, U12, U14 in the program haidian District Ice hockey Team U8, U10, U12, U14Stepping iv as a goalkeeper coach tells the story of the hockey affinity and the story of their own share of the sports career snow fun, haidian district outstanding volunteers on behalf of zhao cities to share the story of lead the team to the games city volunteer service “games” in Beijing, haidian for change will continue extension – the game technology into the people, ordinary life, games turns into the fitness field paradise…With the full opening of the Beijing-Zhangjia-China high-speed railway, the convenient transportation network is magically unfolding in the city, which will not only benefit the present, but also shadow and descendants for decades.What we welcome is not only a sports competition is not only a construction project to change the appearance of the ancient city but also a display of national spirit, national quality and social atmosphere. “Pass haidian Power Sprint Beijing Winter Olympics” spread the new era of Haidian Winter Olympics story to contribute to the magnificent winter Olympics picture scroll Haidian power!Beijing Winter Olympic Games has begun to come on, all winter Olympic athletes!Come on, Chinese team!Reporter: Wang Fang Editor: Chen Naihe