“Warning” Chinese New Year porridge and soup, do not put 4 kinds of ingredients!Careful damage to the liver, kidney and cancer

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New Year’s Eve dinner table, not hot porridge, hot soup, drink down is really warm stomach and warm heart.But xiaobian to remind you, pay attention to add to the porridge soup food has not gone bad.Some people say, who is so stupid as to cook something bad?Not to mention, people actually went to the hospital!One day, an old couple in Xiamen found a bag of old rice in their kitchen. It looked a little damp, but there was no sign of mildew. In order not to waste food, they used it to cook porridge.Results two people vomited diarrhea to collapse.The aflatoxin produced after mildew of peanuts is designated as class 1 carcinogen by the World Health Organization, which can cause liver and kidney damage and is closely related to the incidence of liver cancer.In addition, aspergillus flavus likes to grow in kernels and oily seeds.Corn, rice, barley and wheat are also susceptible to the toxin.2. Spotted Sweet Potatoes Moldy sweet potatoes can be attacked by black spot bacteria.If the moldy sweet potato is eaten, poisoning symptoms can appear within hours of eating.The main manifestations are: stomach discomfort, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea.When serious, even can produce high fever, headache, asthma, convulsive coma and other symptoms.The day lily has a fatal drawback — it tends to mould.Do not hesitate to discard the day lily immediately if it smells of wine, turns red or black when dried, and becomes soft and rotten after water.4. Shrimp skin with ammonia flavor will have a taste of ammonia flavor, there is a strong carcinogen – nitrosamine, after eating can increase the risk of cancer.So once abnormal, should resolutely throw away.Chicken most avoid this “2 flavor “chicken soup nourishing effect is very strong, the therapeutic value is very high, drink chicken soup can tonify qi and blood, regulate the body, accelerate the recovery of the body vitality.However, how high the nutritional value of chicken soup is, it depends on the way you stew it, especially the spices with which you stew chicken soup. Many people do not understand that stewing chicken is the most taboo to put “these 2 flavors”, and making the wrong chicken soup is equal to white stew.The two flavors are aniseed and Sichuan pepper.Aniseed and sichuan peppercorns are commonly used in cooking, but are not suitable for most soups.Why is that?Because aniseed and prickly ash are hot, they are relatively exciting in spices. They are strong with the smell of chicken. They can not only go to the fishy taste, but also cover up the smell of chicken, magnify the smell, and stimulate the reaction of proteins in chicken in the process of stew, resulting in a large amount of loss of nutrition.So when stewed chicken soup, it is the most taboo to add sichuan pepper and aniseed.Besides, some people think chicken soup is more nutritious than chicken?Not really!Chicken soup consists mainly of spices, purines and oils, while the protein in the chicken is difficult to get into the soup.Generally speaking, chicken soup contains only 1 to 2 percent protein, which is much lower than the 15 to 20 percent of meat.That means the “essence” is still in the meat, not the soup.The same goes for fish soup.(Both text and text are from the network, if there is infringement, please contact to delete)