36 cities have issued favorable policies in this year!Property market transaction bottom is expected to appear in the first half of the year

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With the current real estate market atmosphere and credit environment marginal warming, many good news in the real estate market.Recently, following heze many commercial banks to reduce the first set of mortgage ratio, there is news that Chongqing and Ganzhou part of the bank also joined the “first set of mortgage down payment ratio of 20%” team.In this regard, “Securities Daily” reporters called Ganzhou area a number of joint-stock banks, state-owned big banks and some real estate agents, relevant staff told reporters that the above situation is true.And chongqing area a state-owned big bank insider told reporters, as early as the end of last year, there are individual banks can achieve the first house 20% down payment.Yan Yuejin, director of e-House Research Institute’s think tank Research Center, said in an interview with Securities Daily that under the 2021 mortgage concentration management policy, even for the first home mortgage, the implementation of 20% down payment ratio is still very rare.For home buyers, the down payment ratio is undoubtedly a greater impact of the content.Recently, many places have reduced the down payment ratio of the first home mortgage to 20%, which not only reflects the positive changes in the current real estate market situation and the real estate financial situation, but also has a good signal significance.Overall, the move will have a positive impact on boosting market trading.Chen Wenjing, deputy director of the Index division of the Middle Finger Research Institute, also told reporters that some local reductions in the down payment ratio are expected to have a better drive to market sentiment, the wait-and-see sentiment of home buyers may be improved, and the confidence of home buyers will be boosted to some extent.At the same time, more cities may follow suit in the future, especially third-tier and fourth-tier cities with weak urban fundamentals and greater market adjustment pressure.Although for some key cities, especially the implementation of “purchase restriction” cities, the practice of lowering the mortgage down payment ratio is still not realistic, but it can also be seen that the bank lending, loan approval speed significantly accelerated.For example, for last year repeatedly seized the hot search list of the property market in Hangzhou, a joint stock bank staff told reporters that the current bank’s loan line is relatively loose, for the buyers of loans, whether approval or lending time, are significantly shorter than last year.Something similar is happening in Beijing.According to shell Research Institute monitoring data, in January 2022, average mortgage interest rates and loan cycle in 103 key cities have returned to a reasonable level in mid-2021, and mainstream mortgage interest rates in 59 cities have been lowered month-on-month.In terms of loan cycle, 64 cities shortened their loan cycle compared to the previous month, and banks in four first-tier cities accelerated their loan cycle.Data also showed that in January, the mainstream first mortgage interest rate in 103 key cities monitored by the bank was 5.56%, and the second mortgage interest rate was 5.84%, both down 8 basis points from the previous month. The average lending period in January was 50 days, 7 days shorter than the previous month.Bank of China, a researcher at Ye Yindan in an interview with “securities journal” reporter said that since the fourth quarter of 2021, marginal improvement housing credit policy, residents’ housing loan interest rates began to fall, personal mortgage loan growth is recovered, commercial bank lending rhythm accelerate, LPR cut mortgage interest rates,Some rigid and improving demand is gradually recovering.Overall, given that credit conditions typically lead home sales by six to nine months, the credit lag effect is expected to start to show up in the third quarter of this year, with housing demand gradually recovering.It is worth mentioning that, in addition to the recent attention of the mortgage down payment ratio, since this year, there are also a number of cities nationwide issued relevant adjustment policies.According to the statistics of Centaline Property Research Institute, with the stabilization of credit policies, local real estate policies for stabilizing the property market are frequently released. The most typical policies are the adjustment of provident fund policies, talent subsidies and purchase subsidies.So far this year, as of early February, more than 36 cities across the country have issued policies to stabilize the property market.Zhang Dawei, chief analyst of Centaline Property, said in an interview with Securities Daily that with the emergence of the bottom of the real estate market policy, the bottom of the market transaction has gradually begun to approach.The market bottom is expected to accelerate in the first to second quarter of this year.Source: Securities Daily original title: the year has 36 cities issued favorable policies property market transaction bottom is expected to appear in the first half of the year