Blessing!The Olympic champion got married today in Changsha

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Tokyo Olympic weightlifting champion Chen Lijun and his longtime girlfriend Yuan Mei held their wedding ceremony in Changsha on Feb 10.”In 18 years of weightlifting, I have many memorable moments in my life,” Chen wrote on social media on Nov 3, 2021.In 2013, I won my first gold medal, and in 2016, I met you.I’ve lifted 339kg barbells, but the heaviest thing I’ve ever lifted was this diamond ring.Because it represents my lifelong commitment to only love you.This is my marriage proposal, I promise you, I will protect your happiness for a lifetime!”▷ The picture shows the scene.Chen Lijun, born in Anhua County, Yiyang City, Hunan Province on February 8, 1993, graduated from Southwest University, Is a Chinese male weightlifter. He is an international athlete and works for the Chinese National weightlifting Team.In 2013, Chen lijun won the gold MEDALS of men’s 62kg category at the 12th Games of the People’s Republic of China and the World Weightlifting Championships.In 2015, Chen lijun won the men’s 62kg division at the World Weightlifting Championships, breaking two world records in the clean and jerk and the total score.In April 2019, Chen won the men’s 67kg division at the Asian Weightlifting Championships, breaking three world records in the snatch, clean and jerk and total.On July 14, 2021, Chen Lijun was selected as China’s weightlifter for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.On July 25, Chen Lijun won the gold medal in the men’s 67kg weightlifting category at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, setting an Olympic record in the clean and jerk.Blessing!Happy wedding!Sources: Xiaoxiang Morning Post, Beiynet, Political and Law Channel editor | Xiao Juan duty director | Huang Huiying lighting