Six years ago, a 23-year-old boy in Chongqing married a 46-year-old woman and had no children. How is he doing now?

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In January 2016, chongqing’s Civil Affairs Bureau received a special pair of newcomers.Tan Wan was 23 years old and Li Liangyou was 46 years old.Friends and relatives do not support, friends do not understand, and even many people cast strange eyes to them.But this again what, stop two people bravely tie the knot, the fruit.In people’s traditional concept, it is easier to accept an old husband and a young wife.But for old wives and young husbands, there is less tolerance.In addition to the strange look, but also often accompanied by malicious speculation, or even “curse”.Now, six years later, how are they doing?Li Liangyou was born in an ordinary family in Liangping County, Chongqing in 1970.She has been an independent person since she was a child, always making her own decisions.In 1993, when she and her boyfriend are inseparable, is about to enter the hall of marriage, Tan Wan were not born.Who can imagine, time slowly flowing 23 years later, fate will tie them two people together.After all, Li Liangyou and the boyfriend at that time, but also love deeply, running a lifetime together the purpose of marriage.At that time, Li liangyou also knew that her boyfriend had many shortcomings, but she still threw herself into marriage regardless.For one thing, li Liangyou thought that if you love someone, you should love all of him.On the other hand, Li liangyou simply thought that after marriage, he could change each other.However, when the passion dissipates, vision and reality collide, small friction, small conflicts arise one after another, both of them are disappointed.Married life, daily necessities, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea, Li Liangyou will do everything by himself.Plus, I have my own job to worry about, and at the same time, my ex-husband doesn’t buy it.After having a child, the conflict between them escalated.After more than a decade of squabbling, they were tired and Li thought of divorce.When friends and relatives heard her idea, they came to persuade her to think twice.Some people say that if you have a child, you should not divorce for the sake of the child.Some people learned that she had to fight for custody of the children, they bluntly advised her that divorced women are not good to remarry, let alone with a drag.But Li Liangyou thinks however, when break ceaseless, counter-suffer its chaos.Rather than in a tug of war, a family of three are hurt, it is better to cut the knot and move on to a new life.The Li Liangyou after divorce, and did not feel sorry for themselves, but because there was no dregs, life was arranged by her in perfect order.After the children knew that their parents divorced, they became sensible and never let Li Liangyou worry about their studies.And the li Liangyou that arranges good child life, also did not forget ego grows.She had not given much thought to remarrying.In her opinion, whether it is to set up a family with others, or to take care of their own children, they should love life and live up to this world.For this reason, in the unit, she won the deputy high title in a few years by virtue of her positive working attitude.In addition, in her spare time, she does not forget to explore her own interests and hobbies, so that a person’s life becomes rich and colorful.During her 10 years on the road, She became a member of the Prose Association, a member of the Photographers association, and a keen cyclist.She did not expect that her hobby of cycling would usher in a “second spring in life”.When Li Liangyou raised her child alone and sent her to college, Tan Wan was living a routine life.Although reading results are not how, but with a good appearance and good character, Tan Million or very girl edge.It’s just that he never really liked any of the girls.Because did not enter the university, Tan Wan specially learned cooking, as a chef in a restaurant.In his free time, he also takes part in some cycling activities.Chongqing has a geographical area of 82,402 square kilometers, which is not small.In terms of population, there are more than 31 million, not a few.The probability of two strangers meeting each other must be rare.But li Liangyou and Tan Wan are cycling circle of people, and cycling circle of people have activities, a lot of time like out.Li Liangyou, Tan Wan participate in cycling activities through friends, and together to participate in several cycling activities, Li Liangyou and Tan Wan can be regarded as acquaintance, and into the common cycling group.As a veteran cyclist with years of experience, Li always gives tan wan a lot of pertinent advice when he asks questions.One to two, the two people by nod, into a familiar friend.No one could have imagined that their friendship would be transformed by a single match.A cycling race is held in Wanzhou, Chongqing, Nov 5, 2015.Li Liangyou and Tan Wan have signed up for it.Is the so-called, fate, wonderful.Two people did not expect at that time, wonderful fate, is coming.During the match, Li liangyou accidentally fell and broke his arm.The impact of the fall on the driveway caused her arms and the parts of her body where she landed to ache.Because it is a little hard to fall, not sure how the injury, Li Liangyou lay on the ground dare not move.As a sport, injuries are inevitable.So, there are usually doctors waiting outside, ready to treat the wounded at any time.So when they saw someone fall, they just kept going as if they hadn’t seen it.However, when Tan Wan saw Li Liangyou fell to the ground, quickly stop the car, to ask the situation.Li Liangyou let Tan Wan dont delay the game because of yourself, but he still insisted on waiting for the doctor to check, li Liangyou was sent to the hospital.It is tan Million of this move, opened the fate between two people.Can say, Tan Wan will Li Liangyou’s injury, see more important than the place.It is also this point, let Li Liangyou experience, for many years has not been the taste of care.Tests showed that Li needed hospital treatment.His son is far away from the university, he has been single for many years, elders have been old, there is no one for Li Liangyou hospital things rush about.Independent life all along, natural and unrestrained Li Liangyou, when the accident comes, also appear isolated and helpless.Tan Wan learned that this situation, the initiative to take her hospital during all the trivia.In order to help Li Liangyou increase nutrition, improve taste, Tan Wan also often do delicious food to the hospital, so that a lot of friends envy.It can be said that since the divorce, Li Liangyou a person to live a thousand troops.Being a father and a mother does not mean that you should do all the physical work in the family if you can do it yourself.If they can’t solve it themselves, they pay for help.Many people hit on her, but she was not impressed because she had no feelings.Tan Wan is the first initiative to care for her, take care of her, has not caused her antipathy.Moved, Li Liangyou’s mood some fluctuations.But she is not sure, Tan Wan carefully take care of his behind, because of his kindness, or because of his respect for a predecessor.So, she didn’t show any emotion.However, she did not expect that the direction of things, is not in their control.Before, Tan Wan is only in riding, and Li Liangyou had the intersection.But during Li Liangyou’s hospitalization, through getting along, Tan Wan had a deeper understanding of her.The more we understand, tan Wan is attracted by li Liangyou’s attitude towards life.He admired her generosity, recognized her positive energy, but also indulged in the wisdom and charm she often revealed.This was something he had never experienced with any other girl of his age.Li Liangyou recovery after leaving the hospital, Tan Wan still obsessed with her.After meeting again, Tan Wan told Li Liangyou.Li Liangyou is a heart and move.Besides, after a period of time to get along, she found that he is not unrequited love, the joy of the heart can be imagined.However, she did not immediately promised tan Wan’s confession, but to remind him to think about the consequences.If he believes that he can fix everything, or can accept the consequences of their relationship, she will agree to two people together.Did not expect, Tan Million said, he is really after a thoughtful, to make this decision.He has never had a crush on girls his own age.Not to mention, that kind of throbbing from the depths of my soul.And these, he is experienced on Li Liangyou body.Words, said Li Liangyou empathy, two people at this point to determine lover relationship.▲ Li Liangyou (left) Tan Wanwan (right) for female big male small marriage mode, there have been proverbs spread: female big one, hold golden rooster;Female big two, gold full pot;Female big three, embrace brics;Female big four, fu Shou to;Female big five, match old mother;Female big six, music is not enough;Female big seven, smile happily;Female big eight, fortune;Female big nine, everything has;Ten girls, everything is worth it.From the proverb, we can see that women are 10 years older, which is still acceptable to the public.But at the time, Li liangyou was 46 years old, while Tan Wan was 23.Even with the upkeep, Li liangyou doesn’t look like a man in his 40s.But that doesn’t take away the fact that they’re twice as old.Moreover, there is a proverb mocking the age of women, also spread up to now: forty-one flowers for a man, forty bean curd residue for a woman.When people around them found out about their relationship, they looked at them in a strange way, and some even wrote limericks to make fun of them.Tan Wan’s parents do not understand their son’s choice, think he is confused by Li Liangyou, more dislike Li Liangyou.And Li Liangyou’s son, but do not believe tan Wan, afraid he hurt his mother, let Li Liangyou do not associate with him.For a time, both fell into the situation of “betrayal”.In order to dispel li Liangyou son’s concerns, but also to show determination to parents, Tan Wan proposed to Li Liangyou.On January 5, 2016, less than two months after confirming their relationship, the couple received a marriage certificate and began married life.Li Liangyou understand that life, such as fish drinking water, lengnuanzizhi.As long as two people’s hearts together, the strength to make in the same place, the day will be able to cross more prosperous.And they will be good after the day, to dispel the concerns of Tan Million parents, also can let his son rest assured.After marriage, Tan Wan did not live in Li Liangyou’s home, but rented a house, li Liangyou will take the past to live with.They have been married for six years.In order to have a home that belongs to two people as soon as possible, Tan Wan quits the job of cook, began to do business.In the past nearly 10 years of life, Li Liangyou always have to carry things on his own.Now, finally found a person who can have a measure, it makes her feel safe and happy.But in the past, Tan Wan to life is always happy-go-lucky, and there is no planning.Now, under the influence of Li Liangyou, he no longer muddle along and began to look for a better way.Before, because of busy, also because of oneself alone, Li Liangyou seldom cook by himself, the house is always lonely.And now, chef tan Wan often cook at home, let Li Liangyou feel more fireworks in the home.▲ Two people in the rental house cooking together in the past, Tan Wan alone work outside struggle, loneliness often linger in the bottom of my heart.Now, he felt reassured and relieved that someone was asking about him.There were arguments, but they did not affect their relationship.After each argument, Li would analyze the cause of the argument and propose solutions to ensure that the two would not fight again over the same problem.In this process, Tan Wan is conquered by Li Liangyou’s gentleness, tolerance, and ability to solve problems.So, learn to deal with problems like her, people also become more mature.And Tan Million, after all, young, there are always a lot of whimsy, let two people’s ideas, collision out of the spark.Li liangyou felt that his life had opened a new door.Therefore, the feelings of two people not only did not as the passage of time, taste becomes weak, but is strengthened over time.▲ Tan Wan and Li Liangyou go out to play someone asked, Li Liangyou is old, have children how to do?Tan Wan said, considering Li Liangyou’s body, they do not want children.Moreover, Li Liangyou has children, they do not force.At ordinary times, two people or go to work step by step;Have cycling activities, sign up together;When you have a long vacation, you travel around together.It can be said that they did live out the outsiders awe of the appearance.▲ Tan Wan and Li Liangyou go out to play between love, teach people life and death.Love can cross regions, nature can also cross the river of time.Li Liangyou and Tan Wan love tells us, as long as true love, good business, old wife little husband, the same can hehemeimei, long for a long time.May all shall be well, Jack shall have Jill, as long as love, be brave to chase.