There will be heavy snowfall tonight. Be alert for freezing temperatures

2022-05-09 0 By

From the night of 6th to the day of 7th, there will be strong snowfall in our city, so we need to strengthen prevention of the adverse effects caused by low temperature rain, snow and freezing.According to the latest meteorological data analysis, under the joint influence of the south branch trough and weak cold air on the ground, there will be an obvious snowfall weather process from the night of 6th to the day of 7th in the whole city, accompanied by 3 to 4 level northerly winds, gust 5.The strongest period of snowfall occurred from midnight on June 6 to the morning of July 7, with moderate to heavy snow and heavy snow in some areas. It weakened to light to moderate snow during the day of July 7.The city’s accumulated snowfall of 4~ 8 mm, local 10 mm above.In this process, the high temperature decreased significantly. The highest temperature in most parts of the city was 9~11°C on 5th, the highest temperature dropped to 2~4°C on 7th ~ 8th, and the lowest temperature was -2~0°C.In addition, 8~13 days our city is still cloudy weather.In view of the snowfall weather coincides with the peak period of the Spring Festival travel rush, suggestions are as follows: First, strengthen traffic guidance and safety management, pay attention to prevent the adverse impact of slippery and icy roads on the Spring Festival travel rush;Second, to prevent the impact of low temperature, rain and snow, freezing weather on urban operation, facility agriculture, energy supply and so on;Third, pay attention to cold and warm, strengthen health protection and epidemic prevention and control work, indoor heating beware of carbon monoxide poisoning.The bureau will closely monitor the weather evolution, provide timely rolling revised forecasts and disaster weather warnings, and make every effort to provide meteorological support services for the Spring Festival travel rush.(source: Wuhan Meteorological Observatory) For more exciting content, please download the “Big Wuhan” client in each major application market.