Qimen county enterprise employment site job fair held in anling town

2022-05-10 0 By

In the morning of February 10, qimen county people and social employment center in anling town held qimen county enterprise employment site job fair, the people’s livelihood warm people job fair by the county employment center leadership to activities on-site guidance, relevant enterprises to achieve employment site recruitment, the day attracted to participate in the recruitment of more than 200 people.Corporate jobs recruitment has favorable cazenove electrical appliances, electrical appliances enterprises to participate in the anhui province jia le, production technicians to the scene job seekers, sewing worker, operators, etc. More than 60 jobs, employment services such as issuing post the recruitment information table is nearly more than 1200 copies of publicity materials, participate in initial employment intention with unit of choose and employ persons 38 people.Under the guidance of the staff, the job seekers consulted the job information of relevant enterprises in order to timely obtain the employment information of enterprises and apply for jobs online. The on-site job fair achieved good results and exceeded the expected purpose.”Qimen County social employment Center held a job fair in Anling town, which is a timely help. I am worried about the current job hunting, so I decided to find a satisfactory job in Lijia City this year.”Anling town Chiling village villager Zhang Zhengxue said.(Xu Cequn)