Really want to know: China pharmaceutical University how?Bully in the screen

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What is a good course?Xiao Bian believes that a high-quality course must highlight the importance of teacher-student interaction, and attach great importance to the creation of learning environment and evaluation of teaching management.In other words, it has shouldered a heavy mission from the very beginning of its design, and never slack off in order to obtain a better teaching process and a higher honorary title.Of course, when it comes to the university courses that have won honorary titles in China, China Pharmaceutical University is definitely on the list.Why does xiaobian say this?We’ll have to start at the beginning.Are you ready?Here we go!Founded in 1979, the Chinese medicine “bio-pharmaceutical technology” course, is the core of the biological pharmaceutical professional course, after more than 40 years of reform and innovation, now is a national quality courses, the course of national resource sharing, national boutique online open courses and the national first-class undergraduate courses, and recently launched xinhuanet education platform to show elegance,The heat of the high xiaobian needless to say.Among the high-quality courses jointly reviewed by the National MOOC Education Innovation Conference, the Joint Conference of the University Online Open Courses Alliance, and the Expert Group of the Industry-University Collaborative Education Project of the Ministry of Education,”Online and Offline Blended Teaching of Pharmacology of Traditional Chinese Medicine” presided by Professor Liu Kang from School of Chinese Materia Medica and “Improving Teachers’ Course Design and Development Ability Based on The Construction of Excellent Pharmacy Online Course System” presided by Professor Gao Xinzhu from Academic Affairs Office were also listed together and became the best of the year of the school, which is deserved.In addition, small make up remember in jiangsu province for the province of education work committee of the party history of ordinary colleges and universities to carry out the learning education outstanding cases, “long red pass on, conservation education beginner’s mind”, “” the long march again and called to the mission, the pursue have beginner’s mind” theme “and” the history of the party, does the practical work, the epidemic prevention and control act as “such as ranking by Chinese medicine great teacher as well.Honestly, what is it if it’s not power crushing?Of course, the birth of so many high-quality courses is naturally inseparable from the strong support of China Pharmaceutical University for teachers’ teaching.In recent years, the university has presided over 18 key projects funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China. It has decided that the number of papers is not limited for the major landmark achievements that teachers can participate in the evaluation, which “opens a new way” for the growth of the faculty team and also brings opportunities for the university to realize the breakthrough of international scientific influence.For those who have already been awarded a professorship, the university will repeat the assessment process and face a “risk” of demotion if they fail.This system not only ensures the high level of the school’s professor team, but also reflects the university’s responsibility to the teacher team from the side.Ask: China Pharmaceutical University has such high-quality courses and excellent teacher team, can not exciting?Pay attention to “university information package”, get the latest and most timely news for the application!