Start of spring | March bring your family to Tibet Nyingchi encounter snow mountain, peach blossom, holy lake?

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On the fourth day of the lunar New Year, spring begins today, the first of the 24 solar terms.”It means that spring has begun, the ice in the river begins to melt, the fish begin to swim on the surface, the hibernating insects slowly wake up in the holes, and everything is full of vitality and prosperity.The weather at this time is a good time for an outing.Recommended for everybody today, “changyou zhongyuan” Tibet nyingchi, between April and march, every year within the territory of Tibet nyingchi peach blossom into full bloom, so, the peach blossom, at this time can take my family to come here, open all the way along the yarlung zangbo river valley, the valley open to the bottom, then from the bottom to the slopes, the sacred lake appreciate peach blossom, encounter snow mountain.In life, we always want to find a place, temporarily away from the hustle and bustle of the city, away from scenic spots.In March, Nyingchi is still cold, but it is already a sea of flowers.The moist atmosphere brings abundant precipitation, which leads to numerous rivers and lush forests in Nyingchi, giving nyingchi the reputation of “Jiangnan of Tibet”.Nyingchi spring with the first peach blossom signal, one by one, a tree, covering the hillside, and wheat fields, magnificent, like a picture show.The unique beautiful scenery here gives you a romantic and beautiful spring.Find a place to travel, always feel a month long, too short for three days, then travel to Tibet for a week but just right, can say to Lin zhi the city itself also has a lot of feelings, although it is the body in the plateau hinterland, but is not high, there is enough oxygen, clear rivers, the towering snow-capped mountains, construct a peaceful and holy land.It is very suitable for spring and autumn, especially in spring, the blue sky and white clouds on the plateau with pink peach blossoms, just like walking into a beautiful landscape painting of flowers and birds.Every year from mid-March to the end of April, nyingchi is covered by a huge cloud of pink peach blossoms, which stretch over the mountains to villages, river valleys and frozen lakes. The local Tibetans call nyingchi’s peach blossoms “wild peaches.”It’s been in full bloom on this grassland for hundreds of years.As you can see from the trunks, most of the trees are century-old. The trunks are strong and clumsy. Although the flowers are not so bright, they are enough to spread over the mountains and seas and seas.Into the countryside path, as if into shangri-la wonderland, at the foot of the mountain, the wooden park wall, front hankage heavy, smoke from the chimney, recounting the life style, the shore, cottages surrounded by dogs barking crowing, thick life breath in the peach blossom flowers in brewing, expansion, here let you feel the air xanadu of ordinary, more let you feel the vast universe, and in the sight of flowers,The cold snow mountains in the distance, with the blue sky, blue water, the whole match is amazing.In midsummer, Lulang Tourist town in Nyingchi City, Xizang Province enjoys a pleasant climate, making it a “paradise” for tourists to spend their summer vacation.Arriving in Lulang town, you will have the illusion that you have strayed into the South of the Yangtze River, but also feel like you are in Switzerland.Fields, snow-capped mountains, lakes, forests…The colorful buildings built near the lake delineate a tranquil and beautiful “mountain dwelling map”.They will beat drums and sing, dance in circles, and have all kinds of peach blossom themed garden activities, folk music festivals, and tibetan-themed parties. Year after year, they use peach blossom to look at time and understand life in the most natural and primitive way.This March and April, you may wish to take your family to go deep into the secret land of Tibet, into the peach blossom wonderland, encounter that encounter snow mountain, peach blossom, holy lake, feel that different field scenery and the charm of spring.Note: This article is from Baidu, only for everyone to share the study, copyright belongs to the original author, if the author thinks that involves infringement, please contact us within 30 days, we will delete in the first time.