There are some unexploreable reasons why middle-aged greasy men prefer audi A6L

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Who don’t want to be in the temperament of this take hold of the dead, but at the age of 40 still said that he is handsome small, will let people spit out overnight rice.The temperament at this time, it is not quite suitable for young people, emphasizing personality publicity, regardless of willing to admit, unwilling to say, after all, we have been greasy, steady is the middle-aged uncle’s most traditional virtue.What is the way to reflect this virtue, the low-key Versailles style is undoubtedly the most direct and crude and effective way.However, please do not confuse the meaning of low profile and poor, through various comparisons, you will find that audi A6L is the most understated prop.Why?First of all, Audi is A luxury brand. BBA’s A does have A history of building cars for hundreds of years, and its image is not A castle in the air built by piles of silver, especially Audi A6L. Its stable temperament is the quality that Mercedes and BMW cars do not have, which is called low-key.The 2022 Audi A6L has been officially launched, and the guiding price of the 12 models is limited to 419,800 — 656,000 yuan. The appearance does not change, nor can it change. If the front face is always changed, it will be a little too light, and uncles will not like it.Polygon of the chrome plated intake grille, sharp LED headlight, technology and modelling are relatively front, although deke doesn’t fit through the shape Zhang Yanglai reveal personality, but the car design concepts and materials, must be the same as his identity, to has the opinion leaders attribute, sedate in a dynamic, “frowsty coquettish” temperament, also don’t know since when,”Stuffy “this word has become an absolute commention, with this kind of character uncle, more fireworks, more people look forward to, in fact, Audi A6L itself is such a car, look at the brand seems to be far away from ordinary people, but in fact is not so high, belongs to ordinary people can be to the high-end.Audi A6L is a medium and large car, 5038mm long and 3024mm wheelbase, can control the owner of multiple identities, can be a confident civil servant, can be a business enterprise manager, can be a kind face of father, can be occasionally naive son, but no matter what identity, must have a stable temperament.Otherwise, audi A6L to harness your temperament, the temperament of you but can not pressure A6L, though, the window line to refresh with chrome plated, with slip back modelling also comply with the trend, with through tail lights and flat chrome exhaust to emphasize movement, but if it is a young man in his 20 s, members of the audi A6L, will smack in the same time, loss of the young.Don’t doubt my this argument, we from the 2022 audi A6L body color, to analyze the analysis of its own idea, it is certain to their position is very clear, seven kinds of color, interstellar black, legendary black, vitreous grey, white gold, explore prominences blue, red, zhu thief, in which only a prominence passion some red briefly, everything else is sedate color,Is to conform to the temperament of the middle-aged and born.Say configuration, air quality index, the tire pressure alarm and reverse image keyless start, is convenient to drive configuration, and like what karaoke system, game systems all have no, this is not to illustrate the audi technology and equipment backward, and these things can audi points minutes, but these make public the configuration of the audi A6L less stable.Audi A6L benchmarking car is middle-aged mature man, but also shows that the owner’s age is no longer as attractive as flowers, this is the reason men don’t want to say, because who would want to admit that his own youth is gone, even the people of the youth is gone, in order to show his young, also create a psychological age and physiological age of this statement, that is to say,You may have passed your teenage years, but you still have an incomparable temperament.People born in the 70s have long been respected as “uncle” by little fresh meat and fairies. When they envy their youth, they want to find something that young people envy. Only in this way can they tell others that time has not only taken away their youth, but also left them their material and spiritual wealth.Therefore, middle-aged uncle, whether greasy or not, mostly like Audi A6L, unlike the nouveau riche, do not pretend to be aristocratic, only low-key temperament shows that we are not only the elder in age, or the elder in life.The audi A6L 2022 turns this disappointment into an advantage, and only the older generation can drive the Audi A6L with its stable temperament.You tell me, why don’t guys prefer the Audi A6L?