Today is Spring Festival, remember the “five No’s”!Don’t lose your traditions!The days are getting hotter and hotter

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The first day of the Chinese New Year is the Spring Festival, remember the “5 no’s”!Don’t lose your traditions!The days are getting hotter and hotter.There is no New Year’s Eve this year, the 29th day of the twelfth lunar month is New Year’s Eve, on this night, we bid farewell to the old and welcome the new, welcome the New!Some vigil until dawn, that is, the first day of the Spring Festival.This is a very solemn day, ancestors left a lot of matters for attention, today I exchange and talk with you.On the morning of the first day of the New Year, do not destroy the family to get up, do not call others’ names.In the past tradition, on the eve of the New Year’s Eve, people kept a vigil for a whole night to welcome the arrival of the New Year. They often went to bed very late.At this time, we do not wake him up, do not call his name, the ancestors left the saying, it is easy to hurry people all year, in fact, let them sleep more, after all the night did not sleep.Of course, the ancestors always placed good expectations, hope that everything is smooth!2, New Year’s Day dumplings, the second day, the first morning to eat leftovers, do not eat drugs.In the vast northern areas, the folk tradition, the first day of the dumplings, the second day, the New Year’s day without dumplings.But the morning requirements to eat leftovers, the New Year’s Eve reunion dinner, hot to eat in the morning, meaning more than every year, more than wealth!And on New Year’s Day, people do not want to take medicine and do not eat if they can, otherwise, it is not auspicious, according to the old saying, it is a year of bad health.Therefore, people do not take medicine on the first day of the New Year, hoping to start the New Year healthy, happy and healthy.On the first day of the New Year, do not beat and scold children.New Year’s Day, is the beginning of the New Year, people pray for a good start, the first day of the smooth good luck!Folk pay attention to the New Year’s day all say auspicious words, such as Chinese New Year!Congratulation!Good luck, etc., don’t hit kids.If, the child accidentally broke the chopsticks, also want to say, “broken peace!”.At the same time, wrapped in red paper, put away, right, the fifth day of the lunar New Year cleaning sanitation is, and then thrown away.The first day can not move the needle, do not move the broom, do not wash clothes.As we all know, the old people at home told us not to move the needle and thread on this day to prevent adverse health.In particular, do not sweep the floor.The important thing is to go to the New Year.It is said that this day is broom’s birthday, it is the day to celebrate the birthday.And garbage also represents wealth.If at the beginning of the year, it is angry, is not conducive to wealth.And also do not wash clothes and so on, in fact, are good and auspicious meaning, I hope the New Year is thriving, fortune!On New Year’s Day, married girls can not go back to their parents’ home.The year’s plan starts in spring. The First day of the New Year is a very important day that affects the fortune of the whole year.Therefore, ancestors left a lot of taboos and precautions!And on New Year’s Day, married girls are not allowed to return to their parents’ home.It is said that a married woman can not go back to her family for the Spring Festival, which is not good for her family. In the past, economic conditions were backward, and the daughter who got married during the Spring Festival went back to her family, which would eat her family poor.Some people say that the girl who marries out is an outsider and should be in her husband’s family, and her ancestors do not want to see her.Now, of course, the custom is fading.And to the second day of the year, uncle’s day, just back home.New Year’s Day is the Spring Festival, ancestors left the traditional customs, keep in mind the “5 unfavorable”!Don’t lose the tradition!The days are getting hotter and hotter.