Warm inspirational words, reality walk heart, worth a look

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The way you work hard, hiding the happiness of your parents in their old age, trying to be good first, and then generous with, I fight for life.Life should do something meaningful, since come, leave some wonderful traces.Have the courage to do what you dare not do, to try the life you have not tried.Remember in life, don’t take someone else’s map, looking for their own way.Don’t worry about the unknown future, just to fight for the present.Respect others, is to leave face to others, but also to leave room for yourself.In the road of life, you must walk by yourself. May you walk alone and live beautifully.Efforts to magnify the bright side of life, all the simple things to do, that is, not simple.The meaning of life, is not what to get, but the pursuit of no regrets, efforts without regret.Those who seem to be alone time, the future will light up your way, seemingly owe, but is happiness.Cherish the time, spend time in meaningful things is a better choice.A lot of people have money, is to the character, money is important, but character is more important.What you learn now is foreshadowing for the future. It will be a surprise gift at a moment in your life.The fastest shortcut in the world is to be down-to-earth.Bosom friends, it is rare, the treasure, do not easily live up to.Very tired, keep breathing, before everything gets better, always have to experience some unhappy days.Don’t let complaining ruin your life.If the heart is smooth, everything will be smooth.Life is too short, do not hypocritical, people can not read, but must know people.Don’t care about other people’s gossip, if you succeed, all your deficiencies are characteristics in their eyes.Don’t go with yourself, the always come, the go can not stay, happy and sad, only in a read, don’t embarrass yourself.