6 weird snacks in Northeast China that Southerners can’t understand

2022-05-11 0 By

Northeast is currently a relatively have the status of the region, where both people are addicted to the northeast accent, is addicted to the northeast cuisine, food is needless to say, now even the of all kinds of snacks in northeast have love miserable, but also is only part of the comparison of most essence of snacks, many outsiders are not eaten, but not seen,In fact, it still needs a person who knows how to eat, especially these 6 kinds of snacks, look strange, ordinary southerners do not understand, so never look at!The first is the grim, southern snacks, like this kind of snack, generally is powder, Fried rice noodles, Fried river even above put dishes, still need the pot and stir-fry until done, northeast of snacks is not the same, however, in addition to the Fried rice, Fried noodles, the rest of the class snacks, after the dishes are put, are born, born of coriander, raw onion, raw WeiLong and some meat,It can be said that it looks very messy and tastes very fragrant. People who have never eaten it feel confused and do not want to eat it, but those who have eaten it already love it miserably!Second is malatang, actually malatang for southerners to next reason is that, in the south too pay attention to diet, a lot of food and snacks, are almost all dishes, in their place to eat hot food such as before, if you want to eat, will give you pack up alone, if so, will be strung together in a pot,Therefore, I have never seen such a big pot of things, and it looks very miscellaneous, and I have to make my own seasoning, so I feel a little strange, I don’t know how to eat, and I don’t understand, so I don’t pay attention to it!But some people know so much that they want to try it!Snowballs third is snowball hawthorn, hawthorn is renowned in the northeast, hawthorn coated with white icing, really very delicious, sweet and most main is the combination of hawthorn and icing is that a sour sweet, is very appetizing, eating too much is not greasy, and rare, a bag of 15 yuan, several people eat enough, in fact and sugar Fried chestnut is a bit like,But outsiders do not know what it is, they think it is not good, the color is wrong, so they never dare to eat!Fourth is baked eggs, MAO said MAO egg is more of a thing, but a lot of people can’t eat, but the northeast people are different, men and women in the street to eat more sweet, spied in the streets, looking at would be nice to eat, especially the egg yolk egg under MAO, eat gen chirp, thieves have appetite, but southerners saw it, and feel or hairy,It is a little terrible, if small make up estimates can not accept, but really after eating it will fall in love with this taste, even now when writing, as if smell the taste!The fifth is the meal package, the northeast people’s favorite is dipped in pickles, and meal package even dip in northeast pickles snacks, oneself also can do in the home, out of the door is also can buy, a Chinese cabbage leaves, and brush on egg sauce and so on, and then put cilantro and chopped green onion, mix well, put a rice, put some mashed potatoes in the above, but with a little sauce, again is not weak, the more you have, the more fragrant,And the more eat more want to eat, usually a bowl of rice, package in rice package inside 2 bowls, can eat up, is simply heroic, do not know the south of the friend, have seen!Sixth is the potato, potato is the appearance of a more exotic flower, let a person feel a bit uncomfortable, especially ocd, estimates have to want to take a pair of scissors, click click anywhere at any time, because of potato because more troublesome, so can only find a simple way to get into the potatoes, and then, after flipping out bread, is a little bit,Looking at obsessive-compulsive disorder to make do not say, but also irregular, but the taste is super delicious, DO not know whether we have eaten, or seen!In fact, there are always some differences between people in the south and the north. After all, people have different eating habits, so many people feel that they can’t get used to it, but when they really eat it, they will feel “really delicious”!