“Queen’s Club” collapse in Xi ‘an: 400 police surrounded, investigated at 3 am, no escape

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Xi ‘an “Queen club” collapse: 400 police surrounded, 3 o ‘clock in the morning investigation, no escape in front of the heavy traffic, power color intersection, those stalls, in the cold night still insist on, late return of the people lost with a beer bottle in the streets, and all this, also explained the bustling and lonely world.As a famous “Queen’s club” in the 1990s, no one visited during the day and no luxury car was placed at night. Some people here earned more than one million by collecting garbage overnight, and all this is just the beginning.Located on the edge of the second Ring Road, people who pass by every day have long been accustomed to it, but busy white-collar workers are afraid of it, because it is not a place they can afford to spend.Twenty years ago, it was on the fringes of the city, but the Queen’s Club never lacked customers. The rich spent hundreds of thousands or millions here, and the poor could only look at it and leave.I can’t remember when it was founded. In 2007, this club was one of the biggest clubs in Xi ‘an, and they are also the place where many rich people sing. However, from the outsiders’ point of view, the Queen club is just an ornament of the city.However, the job advertisement outside said, as long as girls between 18 and 35 years old, a monthly income of more than 10,000 is not a dream, it is said that the people who charge the card here are not multimillionaires or billionaires, because here charge the card, you can get many benefits.No one knows the force behind it, but some people say it is three big local enterprises, which invested seven or eight billion yuan in order to build the most luxurious happy place in northwest China.This 7-storey building, covers an area of 6000 square meters, the largest KTV room inside fully 400 square meters, and the facilities inside is jaw-dropping, because all are imported from The UK, France, even ordinary wine glasses, the cheapest are also 1000 yuan start.And in the outside decoration, is also the use of Italian marble, exquisite relief, tall column diameter of one meter, such a decoration, enough to make all the curious eyes of a bright, want to spend a lot of money to see it with their own eyes.”The largest room can hold at least 300 people. Of course, the starting price is 28,888 yuan, and the lowest price is 888 yuan. A bottle of ordinary beer costs a few yuan, but the lowest price is 48 yuan.It’s like drinking silver water. There’s no better wine than that.And the guests here, it seems that these “price” completely do not care, from the outside of the Mercedes, Bentley, Rolls-Royce can be seen, they are not rich or expensive, who will care about that point “small money”?Have a guest said, “come here in addition to play, as well as guests, a spending tens of thousands of yuan is very normal, no one would care, after all the business to negotiate, it won’t be tens of thousands of yuan, after all, here environment is good, high grade, atmospheric basically to talk about business, no no, everybody is open-minded people, together make money, he le?”This is just one guest said, and another middle-aged man in a suit said that in order to buy a room here, they need to book a month in advance, otherwise they will not be able to grab.Xiao Zheng, the liquor manager, said there are hundreds of part-time salesmen here, and every one has to go through a strict screening process. The oldest manager is 46 years old.And his income can reach more than 300,000 yuan a year.In the age of power and money, this stage gives them spiritual satisfaction.And the ordinary waiters here are all young girls with extremely high quality, including some undergraduates and postgraduates. Their polite appearance resembles the high-end etiquette.There are thousands of full-time and part-time female publicists here, and in the words of the manager, “you can be satisfied in just a few northwestern provinces.”Greedy desire, finally let the Queen’s club to die.In 2013, 400 police surrounded here, more than two hours later, from here out of thousands of guests and waiters, investigate the scene, there are a lot of things that have never seen, and parked outside dozens of buses, also in the police flash left one after another.But this siege and suppression, and did not catch the boss, because someone had heard the wind, hiding do not know where to go.After nearly 20 years of operation, the Queen’s Club closed its doors. A few years later, it became an abandoned building.These criminals were tried in secret, and more than 40 people were sentenced to prison terms.