Su yiming is a little wrong!No grip but no penalty points for slopestyle champion Parrott may not have been worth 90

2022-05-11 0 By

Parrott of Canada won the men’s snowboard slopestyle gold medal and Su Yiming won the silver medal on Feb 7, Beijing time.Parrott scored 90.96 in the second run, but his score caused some controversy after the race.In the first move of the second round, it was clear that Parrott had failed to catch the board.In platform jumping, the grip position and duration will affect the score.But the jump earned a high score of 9.35, apparently without penalty.The mistake also sparked controversy among many fans at home and abroad, who argued that Parrott’s jump should not have earned such a high score.The Internet also has netizens aggrieved for Su yiming.Although he says he doesn’t care about the results, “it’s an honor to compete with the world’s top athletes, but it hasn’t stopped netizens from supporting him.”He pointed out that The Canadian and the winner of the competition, Michael Parrott, forgot to grab the board and did not receive penalty points, and questioned whether Canada was favoring one of its own.”It’s amazing to see such skiing and there is no doubt that Su should be the champion,” said the user, along with a picture of Su skiing.The netizen was shocked that Su’s second skate was not enough to get him a total of 90 points.The netizen, who received 324 likes and nine retweets, said that although she did not understand the specific rules of snowboarding, su should be ranked first based on his two jumps.A commenter seconded her argument and pointedly pointed out that there were two Canadian judges.The user first cheered for team Canada and then complained for Su, saying :” Team Canada go!!But I think Su yiming’s score should be higher!”