Beijing anchor “two pigs” posted a QR code was forced to order 3.15 million yuan, who should pay?

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Now in the Internet era, it is becoming more and more convenient. Starting from 2020, I found that when I went to a restaurant in Beijing, the waiter didn’t bother to talk to me. Instead, he asked me to place an order with the TWO-DIMENSIONAL code on the table.With unmanned supermarkets, will restaurants soon enter the era of not needing waiters?Just don’t know, the result of going on like this will cause some waiters to be laid off, even the most basic work is not guaranteed, replaced by the convenience of The Times.At 6:15 PM on Feb 18, blogger Erzhu posted on weibo, “The table number for dinner tonight is too stupid.”Photo shows the QR code of kievan Rose Restaurant in Beijing, where the table number has multiple numbers of 2.”Two pigs” is an anchor with millions of fans, often live some of their own eating and drinking, did not expect this time because of a live pit himself.Just because he posted the TWO-DIMENSIONAL code did not play the code, was watching the live fans saw, did not think that the sun did not intend to see the heart, many fans kindly do bad things, constantly use the table number two-dimensional code to give him “food”.Fans may feel that he is too little to eat, or pure mischief, only responsible for helping to add food, of course, not responsible for buying, and finally have to pay by the “two pigs” themselves.”Who ordered 68 bottles of vodka for me? Now the restaurant won’t let me go. I’ve already arrived at the police station,” the man said.”I say how dish after dish, I can’t finish.”He posted a list of orders including Ukrainian red cabbage soup, cream of mushroom soup, tomahawk steak and 68 bottles of vodka, which cost more than 1 million yuan each.He later claimed on weibo that the total price was 3.15 million yuan.According to its weibo location, it was at the Wanshou Road police station in Beijing’s Haidian district.3.15 million yuan in one meal?Have to contend with the power of millions of fans.So the question is, who should pay for the 3.15 million yuan meal?Some people say that who ordered the meal should be paid by who, the problem is that if the “two pigs” do not leak the two-dimensional code of ordering, these users want to give this table plus food can not add, and these users may not be real name authentication, but at that time the fun is not too big, really find everyone’s head, may not be almighty find.Some people say who should eat by who pay, indeed, “two pigs” the earliest exposure to two-dimensional code with a major fault, in order to live is also all, in order to flow is also spelled.But a grown man who doesn’t count what he orders?When the waiter kept adding more food, didn’t he refuse to question it because he didn’t order it himself?Don’t you just want to eat cheap and don’t want to recognize?Finally, let’s talk about the fault of the third-party restaurant. The TWO-DIMENSIONAL code of ordering on the table is provided by you. Remote ordering is a loophole, and you should pay for such loophole.The most important point is that, now advocate frugal do not waste cd-rom action, each table guests can eat how many meals you have no idea?”Two pigs” a person to eat, ordered more than one million meals, you have no doubt?No one came forward to inquire, also did not stop, thought to a tuhao, a person ordered a restaurant for a month of water, for money regardless of the waste and disc action forget.On the night of February 18, a staff member of The Kiev Rose restaurant in Beijing told jimu news that there were indeed a lot of netizens ordering food for the table. The backstage of the restaurant showed that more than 3 million yuan had been ordered, and some dishes had been prepared, but it was discovered that the dishes were spoof by netizens and were not served.19 early morning, the restaurant and a staff said that the restaurant did not call the police.Beijing wanshou Road police station said it had not received a similar report.”I am the party involved,” the user wrote on Weibo. “There was a misunderstanding, and everyone left.”Party “two pig” of this sentence “everybody scattered” be what meaning?Is it a publicity event?A eat broadcast anchor for their own flow, is really anything!It is also possible that the restaurant and the partnership played a scene, just to play a role in publicity, for the business to play an advertisement.An anchor with millions of fans fooled a group of viewers with his own live broadcast mistake. When everyone was still worried about who would pay the bill, he finally found out that he was the fool!Even if this matter is not solved, I think this “two pig” has thus shot himself in the foot, hurt the hearts of his fans, and destroyed the reputation of Beijing Kievan Rose Restaurant and Beijing Wanshousi police Station in Haidian District. Do you make up such a sacred place?Water can carry a boat, it can also overturn a boat, a million fans floating?Platform a number or fans pondering taste, leave you, cry you did not cry!People ah, or don’t be too wise, the last gain will not be worth the loss!Topic: Do you think it’s true that more than 3 million meals have been ordered remotely by fans?If so, who should pay?Feel free to leave a comment.# New Year diary # article/Mu Zimo, pictures: from the network, if there is infringement, please contact the author to delete.I am Mu Zi mo, multi-platform millions of popular article author, I have a pen, only to write the warm and cold, if you also have a story, welcome to leave a message or private letter to tell me, I am waiting for you here.Daughter for dad shouted “I love you”, the world of adults, not easy to two words in the welfare home life more than 20 years of the girl married, family wishes to see cry, wish happiness the rest of my life like dysprosium batu first talk about brother, children after divorce, cut off the family not to go back home for more wonderful content, quick attention to teil