Legal “windfall profits” new track, “hidden” billions of market?Who are the main consumers?

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Preface With the development of China’s reform and opening up and the qualitative leap of people’s living standards, many people’s ideas and concepts have changed compared with before, since the “nine-year compulsory education” in China, people’s knowledge and cultural level has been improved significantly, but also willing to contact some new things.In the past, our country would not openly talk about “sex”. Now, instead of “talking about sex” like before, we will encourage people to realize what sex is from an early age and learn to protect themselves.In the overall environment, in fact, such openness is more beneficial than harmful.In many foreign countries, the market for adult products is very broad, which has accumulated a lot of wealth for them. However, in China, because people become shy and unwilling to mention sex in public, the market for sex products has not brought much wealth to China, which has caused a huge loss.It was not until the arrival of a new generation of young people that the sex toy market was brought into full play.According to the data of an e-commerce background, in the first half of 2021, the demand of China’s sex toy market increased by about 30%.It is expected that by the end of this year, China’s sex toy market is expected to exceed 130 billion yuan, and e-commerce platforms that can protect users’ privacy will have a higher advantage in this market. It is not a dream to win half of the market, and the overall scale will probably exceed 60 billion yuan at least.For people in this industry, it is like a treasure, bringing endless wealth and light.Most practitioners assume that men are the majority of consumers in this market, but they are not.If you are willing to expand your own thinking and study the background data carefully, you may find a different direction.In addition to men like to buy sex toys, women are no exception.But they want more privacy and are more careful about what they buy.From this point of view, if any company can capture the psychology of female consumers to buy, then they are basically standing at the forefront of the industry.According to data from an online e-commerce background, in the first half of 2019, the total amount of male sex toys sold on China’s e-commerce platforms was nearly 1.6 billion yuan, and that of female products was nearly 900 million yuan.While there is a huge gap between the two figures, the number of female sex toys is growing at a rapid rate.According to the current situation, women’s products play a huge role in the market, and it can even be said that their contribution to the sex toy market is more powerful than that of men’s products.Starting from this point, we can see that there can be no slack in the market for women’s products, the sales of women’s products will surpass men’s products sooner or later.No matter from which aspect, the purchasing power of women in China is greater than that of men. People often make fun of Jack Ma and say that he is the richest man supported by countless women in China.In addition, Mr. Li Jiaqi, the famous e-commerce expert, also often calls you in the studio.From this example, it is not difficult to see that the consumption power of Chinese women is only higher than that of men.In addition, the industry of female sex toys has just developed in China, so many enterprises hope to capture the hearts of Chinese female consumers.Speaking of the profiteer industry, it is inevitable to think of the glasses industry, but few people will think of the sex toys industry, which is mainly because most of the sex toys do not know much about.In real life, people go into eyeglasses shops to buy glasses, but few people go into adult shops to pick up sex toys.More or less, China still has some prejudice against buying sex toys. If outsiders find that they buy such items, they will be shy and difficult to talk about it.Most people choose to buy from e-commerce platforms. On the one hand, no one knows when they buy, and on the other hand, the retailers are tightly wrapped, which fully guarantees customers’ privacy.Many people think that this industry is a sunrise in the industry, this is beyond doubt, but there will be some people say that this industry really like the glasses industry so profiteer?We might as well calculate an account with a practical example.Chen Haoqi, a college dropout who earns a fixed salary every month, bought a “plane cup” online for 98 yuan in 2010.Probably out of curiosity, she added you to buy the 98 yuan item with the price of 298 yuan online, unexpected thing is, the next day someone bought it.That alone earned her 200 yuan. Later, she saw the potential behind sex toys. The woman alone earned 2.4 million yuan from sex toys, not to mention the businesses that sell them.Conclusion Sex toys are mostly made of silica gel and rubber. The cost is low, but the profit is not small.Could the industry be a new outlet?We’ll see!You can exchange your views in the comments section!Today’s topic: Legal “profiteering” new track, “hidden” billions of market?Who are the main consumers?