What should I do after entering Japan?

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2021 although haven’t go out the actual requirements, but the pneumonia outbreak, the protective work cuhk probability or to do such as protective is completed, the following three things you need to conform to do ~ (1) to the “service” as early as possible to apply for the immigration card login login home address and health home address open Google satellite map,Search your home address for a municipal or district service.Operating time of district service station:Monday to Friday ~ 5 o ‘clock at noon at half past eight in the morning (holiday) with your passport visa “” on the card” “stamp” in the area, after service so a looking for planning into the first (て ん に ゅ う と ど け), it means to live in this area of formalities, then around looking for the staff, express itself is just arrived at Japan,Residence registration and relevant formalities must be put on record.The staff will guide the rest of the process correctly.From the residence registration gradually, to fill out an application form.As the report has Chinese, there will be staff on the edge.Generally at this time the staff will continue to give a number to carry out a long line, like Chinese financial institutions, will call people in order.In the case of submitting materials, passport and visa, the staff is likely to ask some simple questions, such as whether you live alone and whether it is the first time to come to Japan.In the future, I will continue to take out the topographic map to determine the detailed address of the residence with you. Therefore, I must remember my residence clearly and write appropriately. I will continue to write many times in the future.The other party will give you another license plate after taking the materials, and then you can wait again.And so on to call again to get in the case of the card, you will write behind the current address of the settlement.Generally speaking, Japan’s detailed address writing is all, Tokyo, Osaka XX district YY 1-2-3 house name number.The staff will ask you to fill in an order, which is different from the previous entry card. The name column must not only be written in pinyin, but also must be written by your katakana pronunciation (zhenuri 仮 name), so think about how to write your katakana in advance.This one is pretty casual. There are no rules about phonetics.You will then be asked if you live alone if you file your home address.After health insurance puts on record home address can go to serve Taiwan to do health insurance on the edge.Health insurance has done immediately effect, can send you a piece of “slip”, this slip is your “insurance card”.Usually you will be asked to mail your credit card bill (about a month later) at that time, just take the credit card bill to the convenience store chain and pay for it immediately. Take the bill to the clerk and they scan it and pay for it.Generally speaking, the Japanese “barracks” are very busy, but the service quality is very good, the waiting time for the call is quite long (although the attitude is good, but the work efficiency is not as good as in China), and it usually takes 2 hours to complete everything.To open an account at a bank or carry your passport or visa, make a card, stamp, Google the nearby banks. The most common ones that make up the Japanese navy are the Yus Uchi Philatelic Bank, Mitsubishi UFJ, Sumitomo Mitsui.Application above is similar, general application handles a postal express another is sufficient.Different banks need different raw materials to open an account, but generally speaking, the three most important raw materials are: retention card, student ID card, stamp.Because the account must write kanji and katakana name, so before opening an account, should determine and remember their own name katakana, and Japanese phonetic pronunciation.Procedures: · Look for the latest policy dialog box, which is the business process dialog box for everyone to open an account in the bank for the first time.· Fill out the application form.When you get to the latest policy dialog box, the staff will ask you to fill in an application report first, just like when we apply for a credit card in China, the staff of the financial institution also asks you to fill in the form first, and then hand it over to the staff.In which the login password should also be filled in the application report, the login password ten digits are four digits.· The minimum deposit amount for the day is 1 yen.You can take your passbook and leave the same day.· If you want to apply for a bank card, this card can not be issued on that day, you should wait for 1~2 weeks after the deposit card is ready to mail to your residence.③ Application for mobile phone additional fill a point: as far as possible in shopping malls and electrical stores, rather than each enterprise’s mobile phone outlets!As a result of the mobile phone on the direct sale shop is likely to ask you to receive unnecessary cost, for example the first period of installment reimbursement, in shopping bazaar do words need not hand in, but in direct sale shop should hand in more than 2000 yen!Above 3 deal with formalities to want to go to Japan as soon as possible do, go to area service place to put on record especially, the time limitation that does not have pneumonia epidemic disease to ask before is 14 days less than, prove you settle down in Japan already, if prep above 14 days, you stay card to be able to regard as invalid, have the risk that is returned home even, had done these 3,In the future, you can follow the rules and prepare for the life of studying abroad in advance