With the Winter Olympics in full swing, movie prices are down?As expected quality and sincerity is zhang Yimou’s big pattern

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This Spring Festival, Lao Mozi, can be described as “double heaven”.On the one hand, he used the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics to export Chinese advanced aesthetics to the world power, which won the attention of the world and the high praise;On the other hand, his new film, Sniper, was poorly screened, and audiences couldn’t see it.However, you may have noticed that sniper’s life is better these days. After the Opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, the “running water” members took action to compensate Zhang yimou’s ticket, and urged the cinema manager to increase screening: “We should not chill the creator who won glory for China.””Silence” behind, is Zhang Yimou’s big pattern logically, in order to open up sales in the Spring Festival dogfight, each director is to take out 18 kinds of martial arts, the full strength to do publicity, so a lot of audience curious, zhang Yimou why so low-key?In an interview after the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, Zhang yimou had no choice but to explain the reason: he was preoccupied with the Winter Olympics.The Chinese people often say that the country comes before the family. This is deeply rooted patriotism and the great righteousness of the family and the country.Winter games, is a world sports event, but also a chance to show the image of contemporary China to the world, and has a large pattern of zhang yimou, also used his talent to hand over a perfect answer: different from 08 from “the Yellow River water heaven” to “yanshan snowflakes as big as a table”, from “me” to “we” – no one more than zhang understand Chinese romantic!”Tap water”, is not to let the creator chilling interviews after the release of the network, “after the opening ceremony for zhang yimou film ticket” topics overnight caused hundreds of millions of attention, tens of thousands of netizens spontaneously in the comments section for propaganda, “sniper” shouted and every song words zhang: “you peace of mind to do the games, let us take care of your new movie!”Under everybody’s joint force, “sniper” no matter platoon piece, or box office has obtained countertrend rise.Zhang yimou’s “silence” and netizens’ “enthusiasm” to reward quality creators also constitute one of the most warm and touching scenes on the Internet during the 2022 Spring Festival.Of course, the netizens are willing to be “tap water” behind the phenomenon, is not temporarily moved.Sustained enthusiasm, in fact, and “Sniper” itself is inseparable from the high completion.It can be seen that even under the pressure of the general director of the Winter Olympics, the quality of the new film Sniper is not compromised, but more reflects his gentle and delicate precipitation of time, and the Winter Olympics is only an opportunity for the audience to know this high-quality work.In his career, Zhang Yimou has been thinking about how to interpret China through film.Whether it’s bright colors or intricate camera and scene scheduling, this is what Zhang Yimou used to do.But from the Opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics to “Sniper,” the audience was surprised to find a change.When Zhang Yimou shared his creative ideas for the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, he mentioned the concept of “one leaf sees autumn in one fall.” Did he not refer to this technique in the shooting of Sniper?There is no grand scene, no gorgeous special effects, no bright stars, he boldly adopted the new cast, focusing on a small rescue during the period of resisting the United States and helping Korea, and through it showed the soldiers’ pure heart, as well as the spiritual realm of the Chinese people.There is a touching line in the movie: “My comrades died on that nameless hillside, leaving only common names.”In fact, these may be “insignificant” behind the name, is the real hero flesh and blood.The small incision shows the biggest feelings — not the false “big” in the war, but the powerful core.9.5 for a critically acclaimed game?Learn from the movie theater!Although “sniper” counter-attack let everyone’s blood boiling, but more let everyone began to reflect: why the cat’s eye, tao ticket out 9.5 points, douban 7.7 leading the Spring Festival, the audience’s praise of “Sniper”, but only in the theater line that was cold reception?Don’t times need good works anymore?The answer is no.However, in the face of overwhelming marketing and publicity, it is always difficult for everyone to get access to really good works.The audience is gradually lost in the dazzling information flow, and the cinemas are chasing the heat and “looking at the money” to make a lot of money while dongfeng…Good work is harder to do!Nowadays, even Zhang Yimou has to beg his managers for more screenings, and even needs the Winter Olympics effect for publicity.After all, film is an art. We should not make good works disappear from the light of day simply for the sake of economic benefits. We should not let works with good production, good reputation and the audience willing to see be tarnished.And in order to let more audience to see the good work, cinemas are beginning to realize that the problem, not only in increasing row, “sniper” is a warm heart and bold decision – when the audience complained the ticket more expensive, became the Chinese New Year file first to reduce the price of the film, the audience is much cheaper to see a good movie, make high quality creative energy flow!Zhang yimou’s year begins with “fire and ice” and ends with “warmth”.And “sniper” behind the thriving, but also better and better Chinese film market!