Are you still convinced that marrying well is better than learning well?The post-00s boys say the criteria for choosing a mate, but girls should know

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With the change of The Times, taking an examination of university is no longer what rare thing, undergraduate students have been everywhere, but will find that there is such a part of students, “university” is admitted, but in the university time was abandoned, do not know how to improve themselves, feel that as long as they got an undergraduate degree can.And this part of the students are “female college students”, perhaps influenced by their parents, female college students think that a mixed degree is enough, do not have to be so serious in learning, because they firmly believe that “a good study is better than a good marriage”, learning is not to have a good life?As long as they marry well, all problems will be solved.Perhaps this thought was true a long time ago, but it is not as simple as female college students think now. The standards of male students born after 2000 have changed. After reading it, you will find how important “personal ability” is.Are you still convinced that marrying well is better than learning well?After 00 boys say the criteria, girls actually want to know the reason why female college students have such thoughts, is to see a lot of experience a n experienced person, the same degree in the same capacity, and in the university after graduation, because marriage is very different, so the quality of life to, therefore, “learn to marry is better than good” this kind of thought in female college students have been rooted in my heart.Therefore, when a girl enters a university, she will devote herself to dressing up, expecting to meet a “bully”. As for “study”, she will forget all about it. It is not surprising that after entering the university, you will find this phenomenon is very common.But as time goes by and everything changes, are you still convinced that marrying well is better than learning well?Male students born after 2000 have revealed their criteria for choosing a mate, and female students must know, otherwise choosing a mate will become a big problem.The post-00s have entered the university, their thoughts and post-90s and post-80s are very different, in the choice of a mate, the same is true, let’s take a look at the post-00s boys’ standards of choosing a mate is what?Girls, check this out.A male college student born after 2000 said that the most important thing is ability and conduct. First, let’s talk about ability. The so-called “ability” here includes academic degree and personal ability.The man said that he would choose someone with the same strength as himself, rather than just looking like a headless chicken. They should help each other. This kind of ability is necessary, so we can see how important learning and improvement is.So next, we will talk about “conduct”, refers to the character and virtue, after 00 college students frankly, their search for the other half, need good conduct, this will be good education of the next generation, the original 00 is to consider a lot of problems, after the net friends see straight shout: wake up, don’t have the wrong idea.It can be seen that female college students want to have a good life, is good enough, and the author thinks that female college students should also be self-reliant and self-improvement, accept higher education, should not have the idea of degeneration.”By people than by oneself”, female college students should have a better life in your own hands, so that will be taken seriously not have so a word, than to people on their own, poor girls than boys, in my opinion, female college students should rely on our own efforts to have a better life, and only in this way, will meet a better person, will be taken seriously.In this process, parents should also have a correct view of education. The purpose of sending students to university is not just for academic qualifications, but for students to learn more knowledge and improve them to become intellectuals and useful people.Therefore, parents should let students know what the real purpose of education is. In this way, both boys and girls will know to study hard. Of course, students themselves should be “obedient”.Many parents will say that they are to educate students, but it is useless, education is not equal to obedient, that is the students are not, parents are the most want to live well, there may be problems in the way of education, but students should listen or listen.In addition, there is from the school education, in the growth of the road, the school education is very important, not only learn knowledge so simple, but also know how to behave, what kind of ideological and moral character, how to develop in a good direction, especially female college students to know.Grasp the study of each stage of education, the university should be the same, although the university courses are not very tense, but there are a lot of students need to learn, I hope that college students can understand their university for what?And be able to make the most of your time in college and try to make yourself better.Topic of the day: As a college student, how do you allocate your college time?If you want to know more exciting content, please follow Douya’s mother