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Anyone who loves porcelain must have heard of “enamel”.Although it appeared later than other famous porcelain, it could not conceal its brilliant brilliance. It was the only special craft work fired in the Forbidden City during the Qing Dynasty a hundred years ago, and was known as the “official kiln of official kilns”.Enamelware mainly prevailed in the reign of Yongzheng and Qianlong, which was the supreme porcelain monopolized by the imperial court.It is one of the most favored porcelain collectors in the past dynasties. It is neck and neck with song Ru porcelain and Yuan blue and white porcelain. It is known as “the most luxurious art in the world”.Among them, the most luxurious words not only show the luxuriant degree of its appearance and texture, but also understand the real meaning of luxury after knowing the production process behind it!As is known to all, when it comes to porcelain, Chinese people will only think of Jingdezhen’s most famous porcelain. Several famous types of porcelain, such as top blue and white, pastel, and linglong porcelain, all come from Jingdezhen, while enamel color is slightly different.The appearance of enamel color belongs to the combination of Chinese and Western, and is the result of the perfect fusion of western copper tire wire enamel ware and local ceramic ware.Using porcelain instead of copper for creation, the unique glaze applied on the white tire is not only more delicate and bright, but also more gorgeous and rich in color. At the same time, it also avoids the oxidizing and rusting of copper tire, which can be described as the best of both worlds.At that time, in order to ensure the quality of enamel and pattern design, Yongzheng specially set up a kiln in the imperial palace, the glaze needed, the body is transferred from Jingdezhen to Beijing for design and painting firing, its exquisite degree is incomparable!Since the appearance of enamel in kangxi Period, after a hundred years of development and innovation, enamel porcelain in qianlong Period is more delicate and delicate in color, different from the painting glaze in Yongzheng period, the layout pays attention to the transmission of artistic conception.In the Qianlong period, both materials and patterns of enamel porcelain were very luxurious, and the pictures were more complicated. From small to large, there were elegant figures on all kinds of bottle bodies.Even the skillful craftsman takes the country regardless of the cost of the fire, the perfect colored enamel also only a few, because of the colored enamel firing process is more complex, TaiZhi thin, glaze thick, color after the second fire is extremely easy to burn out, when even the imperial palace builders control in person, still hard to ensure that its yield, which complexity and technical difficulties of hard to imagine!Therefore, the ancients once said, “A good piece of porcelain needs to be suitable for the right time, geographical position and people.”For example, exquisite products such as enamel with excellent shapes, textures, patterns and colors are even what many artisans yearn for in their whole life.For the innovation of enamel porcelain firing, many palace craftsmen did their best to explore and sum up a set of firing methods of this variety.Because of the difficulty of firing it, even under the supervision of the royal family, enamel porcelain of that period almost never reached the folk, and the folk knew nothing about it.So there is precious enamel, the common people get a glimpse of the legend.More abundant and delicate enamel porcelain is specially for the royal family for their own use, there are few in existence, so it is very valuable.Even after hundreds of years of development, today, the unique charm of enamel still deeply attracted millions of people, among the color porcelain category in jingdezhen, colored enamel porcelain still can pull out a helmet, and then the difference is that today’s colored enamel porcelain material padding making paintings fire is performed, its colorful delicate degree than the qing period.From the perspective of the development of enamel, it can be said to be the most beautiful and unique porcelain, it has a profound influence on the later color porcelain manufacturing, is a rare art treasure in the history of Chinese porcelain.Thank you for your patience to read, like the collection point like it, welcome to the comment area to exchange learning oh!