Has the “downside” of high housing prices emerged?Abandoned housing broken for frequent occurrence, the bank to accept the housing soft hand?

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As is known to all, China’s real estate market has been overheating since the beginning of the new century, and a series of indicators, such as the price-to-income ratio, the price-to-rent ratio and the vacancy rate, are quite different from international standards.Even during the global financial crisis, China’s urban housing prices still hit new highs, both in terms of commercial housing transaction volume, sales volume and housing price growth, which all set historical records.In order to curb the rapid rise of housing price in some cities, The State Council has issued policies to regulate and control the housing price for many times. However, there is still no obvious downward trend of housing price, and the high housing price has become the focus of the pain and resentment of the people.As the housing price continues to rise, the disadvantages caused by the high housing price gradually appear.Will the pressure on us to buy a house be relieved after the phenomenon of abandoning houses and cutting off supply in some areas?The reason why the housing price problem is concerned by the society is mainly because the high housing price has a strong negative impact on the economy.From the perspective of the housing group itself, the middle and low income groups have great housing difficulties and great housing pressure, while the high income groups have serious speculative housing.However, in recent years, housing prices continue to rise, real estate companies use all kinds of means to stir up housing prices, and then restrict the housing demand of the vast majority of low-income families and people, causing them to be subject to the market so that they have no house to live, have a disappointment.This seriously hinders the sustainable development of the real estate market, and adversely affects the stability and harmony of the society, thus affecting the smooth promotion of people-oriented policies on people’s livelihood.After the housing reform, 85% of home buyers buy houses not for their own living, but for investment purposes.Housing prices in some first-tier cities are heated. With the intervention of national policies to regulate the property market, the room for appreciation of the property market is significantly reduced. People who speculate in real estate also quit when they see the situation is not good.The house can not stir up, those stir tenants do not make money, holding the house not only can not sell out and the risk of falling into the hand, natural choice to withdraw from the market.This means that people who really want to buy a house still can’t afford it.According to the people’s survey on housing prices conducted by the Central bank in 2021, 25% of residents predict that housing prices will continue to rise in the future, while 53% of residents predict that housing prices will not fluctuate in a short time.From this survey, we can see that the majority of people believe that the changes in housing prices will be stable, and their attitude towards buying houses is more Buddhist, which is less enthusiastic than in previous years.Whether to buy a house, the answer of the older generation is undoubtedly to buy a house.In the old generation’s view, owning a house means having a place to settle down, but now young people have a more casual attitude towards buying a house. They think buying a house should increase their happiness, rather than become a burden.This generation values self-fulfillment more, with many saying it’s not worth taking on so much debt to buy a house, and they don’t want to waste their lives paying the mortgage.Some young people think that the house is of little value to them and there is no need to buy it.Some young people say the biggest obstacle is simply not being able to afford it.By 2021, housing prices across the country will average more than 10,000 per square meter, and will continue to rise.Some houses in Beijing cost 60,000 yuan per square meter, while the highest price in Shenzhen is 80,000 yuan per square meter.For example, if you want to own a 100 square meter house in Shenzhen, it will cost 8 million yuan.Some people may think that Shenzhen is developing fast and earning more money.But the average monthly salary in Shenzhen is 9,780 yuan, and it would take at least 68 years to buy an apartment without daily expenses.Let alone some workers in the third and fourth tier cities, their salary is generally only three to four thousand, buying a house is more pressure.In recent years, the disadvantages caused by high housing prices have become increasingly prominent, and the primary problem is the weakening of the ability and willingness to buy houses.If you get into the mortgage business, you are a slave to the house, and the bank is your creditor.Those who have to pay the mortgage every month spend most of their salary on it, thus reducing their spending power.Early residents only regard housing as their physical space for shelter from wind and rain, that is, housing only provides its functional attributes at this time.In recent years, with the continuous development of economy, people’s disposable income has been increasing.Residents begin to regard housing as a new type of investment, and use leasing, trading and other forms to obtain more income for the expenditure of other commodities. The property property of housing is becoming increasingly obvious.The construction of school district housing, housing for the elderly and other different properties makes the welfare property of housing increasingly prominent. Parents want their children to go to a good school, so the houses around the good school will become very popular, and the price is of course very “beautiful”.A chain reaction has made young people today more cautious about marriage and childbearing.The regional differences of China’s high housing prices lead to the instability of labor mobility.With the gradual rise of the real estate industry, the upsurge of residential housing fever has never decreased, leading to high commodity housing prices in all provinces and cities, reducing the enthusiasm of floating population to buy houses, and also reduce the enthusiasm of population migration.In addition, different provinces and regions have different development conditions, and the corresponding social security housing welfare policies and application conditions are different, resulting in different enthusiasm of labor inflow.The large demand for commercial housing in first-tier cities is also due to the large inflow of population.And some fourth – and fifth-tier cities appear to jump – off housing prices, mostly because of a large population outflow.When house prices fall and no one buys, the phenomenon of abandoning houses and cutting off supply will occur.The house is broken for two months the bank will notice, and broken for more than two months of commercial housing will be auctioned by the bank.Bank handling of the house is really more and more, housing received soft.If the auction price of the bank can cover the money borrowed from him, fine; if not, the lender has to pay back.Will not be on the bank credit investigation of the black account, will also cause a lot of inconvenience to the future life.Now the disadvantages are beginning to emerge. The government can make different policies for families and individuals according to the nature of labor force and housing needs.For the inflow of labor families, the period for paying public rental housing rent can be reasonably relaxed based on family income and the number of workers, so as to reduce inequality.The rising housing price not only dampened people’s desire to get married and have children, but also brought about a negative impact on the country’s economic development.Many people have no confidence in the future, treat negatively and choose to lie down.According to Ali auction off housing platform, by the beginning of 2022, 3 million, this is a frightening figure, how many families and how many people involved?Industry leaders have collapsed, most industries are shivering, and families are teetering on the edge of bankruptcy.The difficulty for young people to make a leap in life through individual struggle is increasing.Young people are becoming more sensible about buying homes.There is a saying that the choice of working hard or lying down is their own choice.Most people still hope to own a house of their own, so how much is the housing price in your city?Do you have any intention of buying a house?