In 2011, two happy families in Wenzhou changed their children: Nurture after all defeated blood relatives?

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“Your children are nothing like you!”Mr. White was troubled by the chatter of his neighbors.Bai, a factory owner living in Lucheng District, Wenzhou, gave birth to his son five years ago.The son grew up, but Mr. Bai and his family were surprised that the son looked less and less like him, without any trace of heredity.In order to find out the truth, Mr White went to the hospital to do a paternity test, the result shows: there is no blood relationship between Mr White and his son Xiao Hai!A bolt from the blue, raising the baby son for 5 years is not his son, so who is the child of the sea?What happened to his own son?Mr. Leblanc’s son is not his own?Five years ago, Bai’s wife gave birth to a baby boy by Caesarean section at Wenzhou Friendship Hospital. The whole family were so happy that they named the boy Xiao Hai.As xiao Hai grew up day by day, a strange phenomenon has made Mr. And Mrs. White uneasy, that is, the child does not look like Mr. White.The baby doesn’t look like me. What’s going on?This incident not only troubled Mr. And Mrs. White, but also surprised the people around them.Mr. Leblanc also remembered that he had always lived in the factory before his wife became pregnant.A lot of time is the wife a person at home, plus his wife often a person on business.So people surmised that Xiao Hai might be the child of Mr. White’s wife and someone else.Then the gossip became more and more severe, and Mr. Leblanc had to wonder if his wife had cheated on him.Rumor is the most powerful thing, this thing is really more powerful than the knife.In order to find out the truth, Mr. White decided to go to the hospital to do paternity test.The DNA identification report came out: there is no blood relationship between him and his son Xiao Hai.The wife could not believe her eyes. She was confident that she had not wronged her husband, so she also went to the hospital for a paternity test.It turned out that there was no blood relationship between Mr. Bai’s wife and his son, Xiao Hai!The couple was struck dumb.Who is the son you raised for 5 years?This is why his son looks like the white family do not look like the reason, but clearly is a family, looking at the birth of the child, how can not be their son?At this time two people think of 5 years ago happened in the hospital scene, their son xiao Hai was born 3 days, the nurse let him take a bath, back after the white family found the child looks some changes.In addition to some changes in his appearance, M. Leblanc’s wife noticed that the baby’s hand, marked with the room number and mother’s name, was missing.So she called for the nurse, but the nurse assured her: “It can’t be a mistake. We have more than a dozen babies born every day and we never miss them!”But Mr. Bai’s wife and family were still worried, and spent the next few days scanning the delivery rooms for a possible misplacement.But in the days that followed, neither husband nor wife heard of anyone who had switched babies.So Mr. And Mrs. White left the hospital, but as the child grew up, they forgot all about it.The nurse made a mistake?Now through DNA identification, finally affirming is: xiao Hai is not the son of Mr. And Mrs. White, so whether the son was the wrong nurse at birth?In order to find out the facts, Mr. White went to the hospital where his son was born, and looked at the records of babies born before and after his wife was hospitalized.But which of the seven boys born around the same time is his biological son?If the son you raised for five years is not your own, where is your own son?The hospital found the photo of the id card of the father of seven baby boys through the police, and after repeated identification, Mr. White found a person who looked similar to Xiao Hai.Among them, the person who looks most like Xiao Hai is Mr. Huang, who lives in Taoshan Town, Ruian city, Wenzhou.In order to find out the truth of the matter, Mr. White commissioned the hospital to deal with.Therefore, in the name of free physical examination for postpartum pregnant women and children, the hospital invited Mr. Huang and his family to come to the hospital, while Mr. Bai and his wife quietly observed in the hospital hall.That day, Mr. And Mrs. White waited anxiously.At ten o ‘clock in the morning, Mr. Huang and his wife finally arrived at the hospital with their child.When M. Leblanc saw his son for the first time, he looked just like himself, both in the way he walked and the way he looked.But Mr. White is not completely sure, can not restrain the doubts in the heart, this day Mr. White came to Zhejiang Ruian Taoshan town to find Mr. Huang.Mr. Bai took out the camera in front of Mr. Huang and let Mr. Huang and his wife see the child in the video.Mr. Huang and his wife found that the child in the video actually looked like Mr. Huang.Seeing huang and his wife were so confused, Mr. Bai told them that the child in the video was their biological son, and their son might be their own!!In fact, Mr. Huang and his wife are not without suspicion.When Mr. Huang’s wife gave birth to their son, Xiaohui, she could not move because it was a Caesarean section, so she only really looked at it.However, when the baby returned from the bath, the family still noticed some changes in his appearance, so the Huangs asked the nurse if it was a mistake.Although the nurse insisted that there would be no mistake, Mr Huang’s family still felt wrong.Because the baby’s hand turns into the next room, 303.Then Mr. Huang went to the head nurse and asked her if it was really the wrong one.The head nurse certainly told him: “this will not change the wrong, this if change the wrong that also got, we are so many children born every day, if so easily change the wrong, that our hospital into what?”So Mr. Huang chose to believe her, later Mr. Huang also went to the next room to look, but the pregnant woman next door has been discharged, they will not think about this matter.Five years later, I found out that Mr. White’s wife was living next door.With uneasy mood, huang family to do paternity test.The result is as white family place anticipate: Mr. White wife and xiaohui are biological mother and son, Mr. Huang wife and xiaohai are biological mother and son!What about Mr. Huang’s two families?When something like this happens to two kids, what does it mean for the kids?What about the two families?The child’s IDENTITY was confirmed, but the families were stumped.For the two families, the children have been living with themselves for 5 years and are already familiar with the current family environment and family relations.After the appraisal result comes out, Mr Huang’s wife expresses unacceptable.Because after her son Xiaohui was born, she quit her job and became a full-time mother.There are four generations of the Huang family. The family regards their son Xiaohui as a treasure, and Mr. Huang’s wife takes care of him from birth to the present.From breast-feeding to calling a mother for the first time, she put so much effort into the process.For her, her son Xiaohui is a piece of meat in her heart.Now suddenly know son xiaohui is not her own, how does such result call her to accept?The same thing also happened in the White House, they also for the growth of the son xiaohai poured into all painstaking efforts.After knowing the appraisal result, Mr. Bai first proposed to exchange his son back.Mr. Huang said he needed to discuss it with his wife.In the face of raising their son for five years to be replaced, Mr. Huang and his wife heart very contradictory.I recall the dribs and drabs of children’s growth in the past five years, the first time to call mom, the first time to walk, and the first picture to draw……Husband and wife 2 people feel very sad, although blood is thicker than water, but the feeling that raises cannot give up likewise.At the beginning of the dispute, Mr. Huang and his wife came up with a plan to negotiate: they would each do their best to raise their children and let them decide when they were 17 or 18.Mr. White strongly disagreed with the plan.He said that although the Huang family and the Bai family are financially similar, the Huang family lives in the countryside and has no educational facilities comparable to those in the city.Mr. Bai believes that blood is thicker than water, if you do not exchange your own son is unfair to your son, while they are still young, the less harm it will do to them to exchange now.It’s better to have a change now than a change now.Then, on the issue of changing children, two families had a fierce dispute, and there were major differences.The Bai family is determined to return their children, while the Huang family is firmly opposed, how will these two families make a choice?How will these two children cope with the sudden change of life?In order to get his son back, Mr. Bai even said that if Mr. Huang insisted on not changing, they would take legal measures to solve the problem.At this time, Mr. Huang and his wife were hesitant. If Mr. Bai did Sue the law, it would be bad for both families and their children.Both sides change child in Mr. Huang couple for change child problem hesitate of time, they found always clever xiaohui suddenly become particularly sticky, even go to kindergarten to accompany her mother.Sensitive children seem to have felt abnormal adults, matters so far, Although Mr. Huang and his wife do not want to change children, but in order to avoid greater harm to the child, they finally agreed to exchange.So, Mr. White couple with small sea came to the peach mountain, Mr. Huang and his wife saw for the first time and their very similar but strange son.In order to let the children as soon as possible to adapt to the unfamiliar two new families, so the next two families should do?Two families to discuss, in order to give the child a slowly adapt to the process, should first let the child take turns to live in two families, and so adapt to the later change.So, a few days later the two children were arranged to live in bai’s house.Compared to xiao Hai’s lively and active, Xiao Hui’s personality is a little introverted.When Xiaohui faces his strange biological parents, he shows nothing.When the two children were sent to Live with Huang again a week later, xiaohui immediately threw herself into her arms and cried when she saw her adoptive mother who had been with her for five years. Her face was full of grievance.In Xiaohui’s opinion, Mr. And Mrs. Huang abandoned him and left him there.The child’s words cut their hearts like knives.When asked if the two children would like to switch to a new family, both children showed great reluctance.The son’s heart, the parents is to see in the heart pain in the heart.A week later, Mr. Bai and Mr. Huang discussed that maybe they should be more decisive.After this small hui and small sea live together in huang home, they then malicious next heart changed the child to come over, begin new life severally.On the awkward New Year’s Eve, the two families were reunited.But there was no harmony, xiaohui cried for his mother.And the small sea hides in the corner to be speechless.Such toys as firecrackers and cars, which usually appeal especially to boys, did not work with these two children today.The first New Year, the two families were exhausted.In fact, the conflict between children and parents has just begun, because the two families in the yellow and white living habits, there are differences in educational concepts, not only two children are very repellent to their biological parents, even adults also temporarily unable to adapt to their children.In huang, the original lively and active sea suddenly become do not love to talk, do not love people, sit there a person sitting there in a daze.Huang and his wife were so upset that they took their child to see a psychologist for fear of mental disorders.After the awkward exchange, the two families had to meet again.After the Spring Festival, Mr. Huang and his wife arrived in Wenzhou from Taoshan to celebrate Xiaohui’s birthday. Xiaohui still clung to his adoptive mother when he saw his adoptive parents again. The arrival of his adoptive mother seemed to make him happy again, but he showed more resistance to his biological mother.And the same problem is also troubling Mr White couple, biological son Xiaohui also does not accept them completely.Mr. White couple also do not know how to better cultivate and xiaohui’s feelings.For justice in order to get justice, the two families will be the hospital sued the court, the wrong child’s personal pain, perhaps only they can understand.In this incident, the hospital obviously needs to bear the unshirkable responsibility.Due to the negligence of the hospital, the two families and children have caused varying degrees of harm.The Wenzhou Intermediate Court made the final judgment in the lawsuit brought by Bai and his wife against Wenzhou Friendship Hospital, demanding compensation of 90,000 yuan each for various emotional losses to their families.Although the case came to an end, but change the child disturbance to bring harm to two families, it is irreparable.Change the xiaohui that returns white home to produce mood disorder from close even, do not love to go out also do not love to talk, change the Xiaohai that returns Huang home to feel him to be abandoned by foster parents, originally clever and lively he becomes sensitive flimsy, be afraid new parents do not like him.A change child storm, messed up the lives of two families, also brought different degrees of harm to two children, we hope that the two families work together, let the child out of the shadow as soon as possible.As children are full of flesh and blood, we should respect their emotional needs.For both sets of parents, there is the adopted son they cannot part with and the biological son they need to reconnect with.Human’s feelings have always been very complex, since childhood to live together, the feelings of the people really want to be more profound than the feelings of blood!– Full text – creation of text is not easy, please like more forwarding share favorites.Thank you!