Is it dangerous for ordinary people to fall into the water while surfing?

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It can be dangerous to fall into water while surfing, a sport that has been popular for decades, beginning in the United States.Surfing is a sport related to the sea. Many young people love to play this sport, especially those who live near the sea. They are very curious about surfing and want to try the feeling of surfing.As everyone knows, surfing sounds good, but it is also an extreme sport. As an extreme sport, the first thing is dangerous. However, compared with other extreme sports, surfing is relatively safe.1. What is surfing?Surfing is a kind of sport from the seaside. People stand on a board and use the thrust of waves to advance and do some complex actions.Many young people think surfing is pretty safe, but at the end of the day, or a limit movement, the movement for a person’s physical requirements is extremely high, not only need surfer good water, also need a surfer has a strong ability to balance, to stability in the waves, absolutely not everyone take a bat, you can go surfing.2. The choice of surfboard The choice of surfboard is also very important. The short surfboard is suitable for old hands, who have a rich understanding of surfing skills and need excellent balance.If be the novice small white that just learns surfing, that suits long board quite, the advantage of long board depends on although your balance ability is general, long board also can help you stabilize oneself in wave.3. Where is the danger of surfing?The biggest danger of surfing is sharks, although many people say that sharks will not actively attack humans, but according to statistics, there are still shark attacks on surfers every year, as the saying goes, fear nothing, fear nothing.Whether we are in entertainment or sports, personal safety should always be the first priority. If we fail to do this, no matter how good sports are, they will become formidable.