Nanjing: Jiangbei Avenue through Dingshan Street transformation project is about to start

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South newspaper network news (reporter He Gang) yesterday from the Bureau of the establishment of diplomatic relations in jiangbei New District, jiangbei Avenue through dingshan Street node reconstruction project has been all completed, this month is about to start.The project will be jointly built with the second phase of Metro Line 4. During the construction period, a number of measures will be taken to ensure the main line traffic and bus travel of Jiangbei Avenue.The project is scheduled for completion by the end of 2024.Schematic diagram of jiangbei Avenue through Dingshan Avenue reconstruction Project (the box represents the starting point and end point of the project).Construction and Transportation Bureau of Jiangbei New Area Provides the reconstruction project of Jiangbei Avenue through Dingshan Avenue node, starting from Qilihe Avenue bridge in the south and connecting with Dingshan Interchange bridge in the north. The total length of the route is about 2.12km.The current situation of this section is the rapid ground road of Jiangbei Avenue, and there are only 3 pedestrian Bridges to communicate the east-west traffic within 2 kilometers. With the increasingly mature development of the east and west parcels (hospitals, offices and residences) on both sides of Jiangbei Avenue, it has been unable to meet the increasing needs of various types of traffic from the east to the west.In order to further improve the road network layout of jiangbei Core area and serve the urban development, jiangbei New Area Management Committee decided to launch the reconstruction project of jiangbei Avenue crossing Dingshan Street node simultaneously in combination with the construction of the second phase of Subway Line 4.Jiangbei Expressway is an important traffic axis in the new district.Nanjing Daily/Purple Mountain news reporter He Gang photo node reconstruction project main line will adopt the form of tunnel continuously through Shifo Street, Kang Fifth street, Dingshan Street, in the north side of Dingshan street grounding.The main tunnel two-way 6 lanes, the design speed of 80 km/h, the ground side road two-way 6 lanes, the design speed of 40 km/h.The total length of the main line tunnel is 1455 meters. Along the line, 6 import and export ramps are set up according to the traffic demand, and the construction conditions of the long-term directional conversion ramps with Nanjing North Railway Station are synchronized.The reconstruction area is located in the core area of the new district, which has many unfavorable factors such as large traffic volume and dense pipeline.In addition, the tunnel intersects with the second phase of subway Line 4 under construction at Dingshan Street, which needs to be jointly built with the Subway Station of Puzhu Road.According to the relevant person in charge of the project, for the interwoven section of tunnel and subway, under the premise of meeting the functions of the two projects, the tunnel will be set on the ground floor below the subway station, sharing roof and middle plate with the station, effectively saving space.Jiangbei Avenue is the main traffic line of the new district, and the traffic flow is large. In order to minimize the impact on the surrounding traffic, the construction will make full use of the existing space conditions along the road.Firstly, the traffic organization plan should be reasonably arranged from the three levels of city, region and construction section, and priority should be given to the transit traffic.Secondly, the use of subsection construction scheme, reasonable design of construction enclosure scheme.In view of the bottleneck section, the cover excavation method is adopted to ensure the two-way 8 lanes of Jiangbei Avenue during the construction period.The transportation plan will be divided into two phases.In the first stage, the main line of Jiangbei Avenue uses the existing road in the middle to organize 6 lanes.The outer side of the enclosure uses green or green space, and the east and west sides are respectively set up one-way 2 lanes and 3 meters of non-pedestrian channels.By closing the roads on both sides of Jiangbei Avenue, pipeline transformation and construction of tunnel envelope structure and part of ramp structure are carried out.In the second stage, the middle road of Jiangbei Avenue was closed, the main structure of the tunnel was constructed, the traffic was organized by space on both sides, and one-way 4-lane and 3-meter man-non-channel were set up respectively to meet the requirements of road protection and two-way 8-lane traffic.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: