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1. Web page is the basic element of a website and the platform for carrying various website applications.A web page is a plain text file containing HTML tags that can be stored on a computer somewhere in the world Wide Web. It is a “page” on the World Wide Web in the format of Hypertext Markup Language (an application of standard Common Markup Language with a file extension of.html or.htm).Web pages often use image files to provide pictures.Web pages should be read through a web browser.2. This is usually the COMPUTER’S IP or DNS problems, you can use 360 security guard network repair function to repair, repair, and then restart the computer is ok.3. Indicates that this site contains unknown errors.The page may be temporarily disconnected or permanently moved to a new url.A message indicating that the user is visiting a web site that has changed its domain name or that there is an infinite loop or unrestricted redirection.Error message caused by modifying IE server.Extension: Such as the emergence of mobile phones: 1, to find a security center on the phone or security butler installed with the system APP.2. Open it and find the APP management options according to the APP’s interface.3. Click to enter the application management list page. You need to find the process or application that you want to forcibly terminate.4. After finding it, click below and a prompt to end the operation will appear. Click to end the operation.5. After clicking, the mobile phone housekeeper will remind you that the end may lead to abnormal program, so click OK.