Sanmenxia: 6 pedestrian Bridges in the urban area brighten the city’s night scene and add a new landscape

2022-05-14 0 By

“In the evening, the overpass is bright, not only safe, but also convenient!”January 25, lives in Sanmenxia downtown central hospital bridge near ma said.It is reported that by the end of 2021, the city outside the middle school, the city outside the primary school, downtown hospital, new Century department store, Zhang Square, Dennis in front of the six pedestrian Bridges completed the lighting project, to provide security for the masses to travel at night, for the city’s night scenery add a new landscape.It is reported that six pedestrian Bridges in the city have no lighting facilities, making it inconvenient for citizens to travel at night.In order to solve the current situation, the city listed 6 pedestrian bridge lighting project as the key livelihood facts of the city in 2021, and lit 6 urban pedestrian bridge stairs, corridors and the appearance of the bridge to eliminate the people’s pedestrian bridge travel safety hazards at night.In the implementation of the project, the lighting of the pedestrian bridge in Front of Danimin, Heping Road will be implemented together with the construction of the bridge body, and the lighting facilities will be installed before the “May Day” in 2021. The lighting facilities have been opened on time during major festivals.The other five pedestrian Bridges, after many investigations and demonstrations, actively organized technical discussions, equipment investigation, more than 10 times to modify the lighting design scheme, and finally came up with a bridge body landscape lighting design scheme that is convenient, energy saving and beautiful, laying a foundation for the smooth implementation of subsequent projects.After the completion of the bridge lighting project, its functional lighting will be opened synchronously with the urban street lamps according to the illuminance. The landscape lighting part will be opened according to the requirements of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government during major festivals.”During the Spring Festival, the lights will be on from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., and the time will be adjusted according to the flow of people and other conditions.”The city urban Management Bureau said that the six pedestrian Bridges are designed according to the different structural characteristics of the bridge body. LED light source is selected, which has the characteristics of bright illumination and good energy saving effect.Completed after six pedestrian bridge lighting effect is different, some colorful, some like a swan wings forms, not only solved the lighting blind spot, let people travel safer at night is convenient, but also for the night scenery of the sanmenxia city added beautiful beautiful scenery line, to improve the image of the city, to create a beautiful and harmonious city environment for the people of comprehensive benefit.